The Road Goes Ever On...

It's been another long while since I've been able to post here, but there's been some great advancements in my service to Mistress Sassa. Now that she's turned the cookie factory into a kinky factory, she's had a LOT more access to devices designed to tame the modern tiger. Here I sit at my keyboard, the CB-30,000 locked on to keep me from growling too loud, the fang-proof ball gag firmly in place, and three of my four paws shackled to the chair. Mistress Sassa says I might have a chance of getting some relief as long as I update you on my latest adventures before Midnight on February 14th... Otherwise, it's the televibe for me! (And I know what you're thinking... What kind of punishment is that? Well, if you've ever called Ms. Sassa, you know how her mind works. Any fun toy can be an instrument of pure torture. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, that might not be so bad after all.)

Starting this weekend, Mistress has ordered me (like she even needs to at this point) to join her in her cross country tour to the Ten Most Kinky Landmarks in America. It's going to take weeks to see everything, so I hope she plans on giving me a little relief from the cage before we go. (Please? Pleeeeeeeease?) Once we're on the road, I'm sure it's gonna be all about how worked up and growly she can make me while I'm all locked up and at her mercy. I'm in charge of the map, but with my lack of opposable thumbs and ball gag preventing me from speaking, I have a feeling I'll get paddled on nearly every leg of our journey.

On our way, Mistress has told me we may make some extra stops. I'm really wanting to visit the home towns of my old pals from days gone by. If you're reading this, don't be surprised if a large, whiny, locked up tiger and his absolutely stunning owner soon appear on your doorstep. And DON'T try to pretend you're not home! I'm a tiger, for pete's sake. I'll just burst through the door if I have to. And you'd better have some water ready, because long-term denial tigers tend to get parched.

I can't believe Mistress Sassa's willing to let me share this journey with her! I'm the luckiest tiger in the world! Now I'll just post this and let the timestamp show that I finished my task before midnight. Whew, that was a close one.