KinkTalkRadio Episode 4 - Getting Caught or Being Watched While Masturbating

Please join me on Tuesday, February 26th at 11PM Eastern Time for Episode Four of Kink Talk Radio with Trish and Ally. The topic of this episode's discussion will be "Getting Caught - or Being Watched - While Masturbating"

If you've fantasized about being caught or being watched while masturbating, we'd love to have you call in and participate in the conversation. We'd also like to hear from those who've enjoyed (or fantasized about) mutual masturbation. In addition to the sexy side of things, we'll also talk about the need to be safe and sane while playing in the realm of "watched masturbation".

KinkTalkRadio is hosted through the Talk Shoe platform - it's free to use, and very user-friendly!

So stay up a bit late next Tuesday Night and join the show. See you there!