Kelly Clarkson Poll Winner #3

Always willing to share a load with Kelly. She enjoys it everytime too. Video Link Below.

Julia Louis Dreyfus x2

Gooey Goodness. I just love her face, it gets better with age.

Britney Spears

From a few months ago when she was a still going crazy, but she gave me a boner anyways.

The Journey is Afoot!

Sorry I haven't posted about our road trip lately... We've been taking the long way to get to the first location. Here's why!

Someone's sent a TerminACEr 3000 back in time to stop us from visiting the top ten kinkiest sites in the world! Why, I don't know. But now that we've got a good look at what we're dealing with, I'm feeling much better. As long as Ms Sassa drives at or above the posted speed limit, we should have no trouble staying ahead of this robotic evil-doer.

I'll be sending my first postcard soon!

Reese Witherspoon

Such a cutie in this picture. Sprayed her nicely. Video link below.

Kaley Cuoco

Splat splat this quirky face.

Mandy Moore

I wonder what that popsicle stands for?

Masturbation Talk Show Audio

If you missed last night's show, you can download it here for free:

Download the Trish and Ally Show from February 26th, 2008

The ongoing subject of the show was being watched while masturbating, and feeling good about masturbating :)

Please be advised, this show contains discussion of an adult nature. You MUST be 18 or older to download this audio file.


If you haven't done so yet, please check out - I happened upon this site by way of and I must say that it is so nice to find another female (Niagra, the site's founder and moderator) out there who is speaking out publicly about the joys and virtues of self-love. Please show your support and check it out.

Jessica Alba

She doesn't smile often anymore but when she does I'm happy to help keep those teeth white. Video Link Below.

Avril Teeth Splat

She has really embraced the pop slut role lately and it got me stroking to her more and more.

Lindsay Lohan Classic x2

Teen cumqueen

Classic Kelly Clarkson

You have to love a hot celebrity with some meat on her bones. I could bang that body all day.

Hayden Panettiere Poll Winner #2

Had a little mishap with the picture paper and my camera so this came out pretty dissappointing. No worries though, as she is bound to get many of you stroking and should win more polls in the future.

KinkTalkRadio Episode 4 - Getting Caught or Being Watched While Masturbating

Please join me on Tuesday, February 26th at 11PM Eastern Time for Episode Four of Kink Talk Radio with Trish and Ally. The topic of this episode's discussion will be "Getting Caught - or Being Watched - While Masturbating"

If you've fantasized about being caught or being watched while masturbating, we'd love to have you call in and participate in the conversation. We'd also like to hear from those who've enjoyed (or fantasized about) mutual masturbation. In addition to the sexy side of things, we'll also talk about the need to be safe and sane while playing in the realm of "watched masturbation".

KinkTalkRadio is hosted through the Talk Shoe platform - it's free to use, and very user-friendly!

So stay up a bit late next Tuesday Night and join the show. See you there!

LIVE Masturbation Interview

Trish and I have started a live call in show for people to talk about masturbation, and other subjects. Our first show aired Sunday, 2/17 and we went on for about 4 hours.

Our next show is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th, at 11PM Eastern Time. If you'd like to call in and discuss your masturbation, we'd love to hear from you:

Click Here to Listen to the Sunday Show, or to Participate in Tuesday's Show

To listen to past episodes, click that blue box over on the right to see the different episodes that are available, and listen to them.

Haylie Duff

The lesser known Duff was flaunting her chest so I gave her a nice tit Splat.

Mandy Moore

An older shot I did. I cannot get enough of that face.

JoJo Coated

What a tease for her age. Once she hits the point of posing for Maxim and FHM she may reach goddess status.

Jessica Simpson Tease

What a cum catching smile!

Classic Ashlee Simpson

Before her SNL Snafu she was far and away my #1. All downhill since then, so a throwback splash for memories.

The Road Goes Ever On...

It's been another long while since I've been able to post here, but there's been some great advancements in my service to Mistress Sassa. Now that she's turned the cookie factory into a kinky factory, she's had a LOT more access to devices designed to tame the modern tiger. Here I sit at my keyboard, the CB-30,000 locked on to keep me from growling too loud, the fang-proof ball gag firmly in place, and three of my four paws shackled to the chair. Mistress Sassa says I might have a chance of getting some relief as long as I update you on my latest adventures before Midnight on February 14th... Otherwise, it's the televibe for me! (And I know what you're thinking... What kind of punishment is that? Well, if you've ever called Ms. Sassa, you know how her mind works. Any fun toy can be an instrument of pure torture. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, that might not be so bad after all.)

Starting this weekend, Mistress has ordered me (like she even needs to at this point) to join her in her cross country tour to the Ten Most Kinky Landmarks in America. It's going to take weeks to see everything, so I hope she plans on giving me a little relief from the cage before we go. (Please? Pleeeeeeeease?) Once we're on the road, I'm sure it's gonna be all about how worked up and growly she can make me while I'm all locked up and at her mercy. I'm in charge of the map, but with my lack of opposable thumbs and ball gag preventing me from speaking, I have a feeling I'll get paddled on nearly every leg of our journey.

On our way, Mistress has told me we may make some extra stops. I'm really wanting to visit the home towns of my old pals from days gone by. If you're reading this, don't be surprised if a large, whiny, locked up tiger and his absolutely stunning owner soon appear on your doorstep. And DON'T try to pretend you're not home! I'm a tiger, for pete's sake. I'll just burst through the door if I have to. And you'd better have some water ready, because long-term denial tigers tend to get parched.

I can't believe Mistress Sassa's willing to let me share this journey with her! I'm the luckiest tiger in the world! Now I'll just post this and let the timestamp show that I finished my task before midnight. Whew, that was a close one.

Hilary Duff Poll Winner #1

My #1 wins poll #1 and wins the big prize. This girl is beyond amazing. I could cover her every day of the year and not be tired of doing it. Bonus pic above plus video below.

Stacy Kiebler Double Shot

Splat Splat, she needs to make a return to the WWE and flaunt that body again.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Pummeled

What a perfect face. Can you age anymore gracefully? I gave her some cream to help keep that skin in great shape :) Video Link Below.

Beverly Mitchell

Such a happy cumslut. That 7th Heaven show sure has produced some amazing boner inducing females. Video Link Below.

Halle Berry

Those eyes are mesmerizing and the lips are primed for some cum.

Lindsay Lohan

I have been lusting after those tits for years. She really loves putting them out there for us to stroke to.

Eva Longoria Overshot

This Latina Goddess is one of my favorites to jerk to, probably only behind Hilary. Bonus picture with my hard cock included plus the usual shot. Video link below as well.

Lilian Garcia

Such an underrated beauty. Always overshadowed by the other WWE Divas, but not in my mind.

Lily Allen

I fell in love with this girl a few months ago and she just gets me going every time I see her. Such a lovely British wank has such a slutty past that you know she would enjoy video if she saw it.

Trish Stratus

An old shot on this amazing WWF diva.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Double Shot

What a face...It is overshadowed by her giant fun bags but I gave it some love twice here.

Katherine McPhee

What a Hottie this American Idol has turn into. Besides an amazing face, she has legs that go on forever and indeed you could stroke to them forever. Here is a video of my shot on her.

Jessica Simpson

Queen of the Dumb Blonde Titty-fuck. Those breasts look so soft and she gives you more and more of a peek each time she shows them off.

Danica Patrick

Such an underrated hottie. If she was in the mainstream a bit more every guy would be shooting buckets to her. I will gladly lead the bandwagon on this one.

Christy Carlson Romano

Another cumslut turned out by the Disney Machine. She has a huge mouth, which I'm sure she knows how to use more then adequately.

Classic Britney

Before she went crazy, an old shot of mine on a classic pic.

Kelly Clarkson

The original American Idol hottie. Overlooked by so many because she doesn't weigh under 100 pounds she can get me stroking often. I gave her a little gift here.