Many, Many New Masturbation Interviews

The last time I posted here was FEBRUARY?? Good lord, where does the time go!

Well here we are, two days before Christmas, and I am happy to say I still love male masturbation as much as ever. I am also pleased to announce that Mr Masturbator and I have officially tied the knot - love and masturbation for all eternity!

I have also enlisted the assistance of another male masturbation lover, Ms Courtney, to help grow the library of interviews over at The Masturbation Interviews - good reading! Be sure to check those out.

I Have an Idea

What do you think about a series of videos, along the same lines as - only the interviews take place in person?

The exchange would be similar - candid, open discussion of one's masturbation habits.

And if one became aroused during the conversation, it would be appropriate, within the context of the interview series, for him to masturbate during the interview.

The interviewer would remain professional and uninvolved with the masturbation, if any occurred. As I envision it, she would proceed with the questioning and conversation as if he were not sitting there jacking off - would be "business as usual" so to speak.

Does anyone find this as interesting as I do?

The Masturbatrix

Goodnight, Blue Prince

I almost jumped out of my star spangled underoos when I heard that my friend and occasional blackmailer, Billy Bear, was shot. (It obviously wasn't me who committed the crime, I have several "colleagues" who would swear I was working the register at Burger King when it happened.) I hear an investigation is currently underway. I hope they catch the overly endowed gunwoman, whomever she may be.

I better fill you all in quick... The phone is ringing off the hook, and some jerk in a fedora's been by knocking at my door five times today already. If I don't make a public statement soon people are going to wonder...

The blue one has been a loyal and constant presence during my adventures here, so I felt it was my duty to make sure his much-abused sidekick and cat, Robo-Mittens was taken care of. I took the WonderTiger Lotus over to the now under construction Billy Labs 2.0, pleased to see that the latest lethal upgrades have allowed Robo-Mittens a more natural appearance.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered no one had told RM what had happened. I'll never forget the look on her face...RoboMittens' despair turned quickly to revenge, and she began mewing "Eye for an eye! Eye for an eye!" Yes, it was as creepy as it sounds. I tossed RM a few bucks to finish her education, said my goodbyes, and wished her well on her quest. She looked off into the distance for a moment, then darted away. Strange cat.

Walking back to the Lotus, I noticed a beat-up, singed cigar box. Possibly the only thing that didn't completely burn in the fire. Inside, I found a single photo...
I pocketed it, of course. But who knows if it'll ever come in handy. The bear's gone, right?

I wonder what college RoboMittens will go to.

To be continued...