Caged Tiger?

Well, it looks like I haven't quite gone a whole month since my last post. As always, I try not to go so long between posts, but real life issues have a way of laughing in my face when I make a commitment to write more frequently.

A lot has happened since my last post... The work that's been kicking my rear is easing up, and I am very happy to report that I am only about a month away from my first anniversary as Ms Kate's pet. Some have wondered my reasons behind calling only Ms Kate all this time. It is certainly not by her design, as she has told me many times she is fine with me calling other mistresses if that is my heart's desire. It's not because I think poorly of any other mistresses. Some of them I consider good friends, and I know they are fantastic at what they do. My calling habits have more to do with the personal journey I am taking, and the fact that I clicked immediately with Ms Kate. The bond we form by my being exclusive can't be faked, and that is what I was looking for.

And what a year it has been, too. When I look back at my journey over the months, it becomes more clear that Ms Kate has slowly been guiding me along, helping me learn things about myself and discovering new avenues of interest. The stakes keep getting more and more interesting as our calls progress.

Recently I took a trip to some ocean front property, and Ms Kate offered to do a special call with me that wouldn't have been possible normally. She set the stakes... If I did the call as she specified, I'd have a good chance to cum. If not, she got to pick out ANY toy to add to the toybox she's been helping me build. ANY toy.

Well, of course, the excitement of this special call was more than my two-weeks-of-denial body could pass up, so I accepted the challenge. I got to the beach, and after a few technical holdups I was all set to IM Ms Kate and let her know I could do the call. Well, I got sooo excited, I tripped on some stairs and dropped my cell phone, which basically split in half.

The call wasn't gonna happen. Damn it to hell! I felt bad for letting Ms Kate down, and for missing out on a rare opportunity.

I let Ms Kate know what happened, and then got back from my trip just in time for the most recent installment of Midnight Madness. Ms Kate decided that was the perfect time to tell me what toy I'd be purchasing.

A CB-3000!!!!

I know I went silent for a bit, but everyone else in the chatroom got reaaaaal chatty, telling me congratulations, laughing, having a great time. What a nice bunch of people........

Ms Kate went on, telling me she may just let it sit there in our toy box for a few days or weeks, just letting me think about it. Then, she said she might have me get it out during our calls and make me wonder if that will be the day she tells me to lock it on. And finally, one day, when I least expect it, she might edge me until I can't take it anymore, make me think I'm going to get to cum, then tell me "hands off and put on the cage".

Kinda scary... Kinda exciting... I'm really anticipating playing with the cage. I think this could be the start of another great adventure with my wonderful mistress. Thank you, Ms Kate for your kind attention, naught nature, and friendship.