Cookie, Anyone?

Ms Kate put a cool fortune cookie on her blog, so I thought I'd try my hand at one. (You know I can't resist cookie based entertainment.) Click on the cookie and read your fortune.

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Descent into Midnight Madness

I'm a few days late in writing this update, but if you are any of the valiant few who still check my blog from time to time, you know that any posts from me are a miracle.

Monday was a day of frustrations for me, but I think writing it all out helped me feel a bit more relaxed. What I hadn't stated clearly in my post is that I, at that point, had tied my record for most days without cumming. (I can hear an utter lack of sympathy from jem here.) So there I was, with just enough free time to gather my thoughts, and I realized it had been 23 days since I'd had any release. And I knew that there was a good possibility that I wouldn't be able to call for a few more days. And much of this was my own fault, since I had taken more work on and didn't plan ahead some time to call Ms Kate.

Then Tuesday rolled around and I realized there was a chance I'd be able to have some quiet time to call, just after the end of Midnight Madness. You can imagine my anticipation, now at 24 days, at the prospect of calling. I thought about it aaaaaallll day and into the evening. It was really difficult to be patient, but I knew my time would come if I just waited for my chance. I was pacing myself well, felt pretty confident about keeping my composure until I could call Ms Kate.

Then the Midnight Madness chat started. I hope I can remember what follows with some accuracy, but I'm sure jem will correct me if I missed something important. (On second thought, jem was having troubles of her own. Well, you'll see...)

It's always a pleasure for me when Ms Kate orders me to come sit next to her on the couch. I did so with great joy in my heart, as usual. My excitable self started thinking about calling, and Ms Kate and Ms Grace announced they were going to take two-girl calls during chat. I didn't think much about that because, as most of you probably know, I only call Ms Kate. (A choice I made and am very content with, not a commentary on anyone else. There are several women working at LDW that I think are fun and lovely, Ms Grace among them.)

Well, suddenly, Ms Grace is sitting on the other side of me, and I realized too late that I had become the target for this week's festivities. Knowing my calling habits, they decided to torture me a little. Because of my condition, I was already experiencing foggy thinking. So it you can imagine how I felt when Ms Kate ordered me to stand, and then she stood in front of me and Ms Grace rubbed against me from behind. She started stroking me and talked over my shoulder to Ms Grace about how good I am at not cumming unless I'm given permission. Ms Kate kept telling me not to cum without permission... Ms Grace was asking me if I needed to... They were kissing each other while rubbing up against me... It went on like this for a little bit.

Remember my comment about poor jem from earlier? Well, she had finished her last orgasm of the day (see her blog for details) right before coming to the chat, and I think the idea of our mistresses in such a tangle made her wish she'd saved one for chat.

At some point pantysue commented to me that it's the first time she'd seen someone fake NOT cumming... Sadly for me she was wrong... I was not faking. But I was in a dark and desperate place.

The tease continued. At some point I even mentioned I was getting desperate enough to consider saying "anything" to get to cum. (Ms Kate locked that one away for later.) They just taunted and teased and told me I should call them right then. It was all in good fun, but as you know good fun to these two usually involves some pretty torturous scenarios for us.

Of course, I'm sure they both suspected I wouldn't do a two-girl call, but they enjoyed it nonetheless, as did I. A+ tease all the way! And thank you so much Ms Kate and Ms Grace for targeting me... Made me feel very special. All kidding aside, I am very fortunate to count you both as friends on this very interesting journey of mine.

Anyway, after Midnight Madness ended, it was time for my "Kate Date." Now 24 days out from release, and driving near the brink of insanity by a cyber-tease, I was more than ready! We chatted for a minute, then got right into things. It was amazing as usual, Ms Kate had prepared a very special treat for my call that made it EVEN HARDER to hold back, but I was able to.

I have noticed something lately. Ms Kate is still as incredible as ever on the phone, but there seems to be an extra devious spark in our calls, a twinge of that devilish attitude of hers, that has just skyrocketed these calls into the stratosphere. She is really good at making me worry/look forward to the next surprise she has in store. It's electric!

And then, I realized something. Since she knew I was desperate enough to tell her I'd do anything if I got to cum, she was not going to let me unless I DID say it. You'd think I'd learn.

Of course, I did say it, in a moment of absolutely fevered desperation. And it seemed an eternity while she laughed and considered this request, before finally telling me what that anything would be. I agreed in about a nanosecond, not concerned with such minor details as the consequences of our agreement. She gave me permission to cum, and that was all I cared about at that point.

Ms Kate, thanks to me saying "anything," it was a very interesting day for me at work on Wednesday. But it was worth it!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience with me and for being such a wonderful mistress and friend!

All Work and No Play Makes Ace a Dull Boy

I work too much.

I always have. I am a workaholic. And it's not because I'm struggling financially. I'm not Bill Gates, but I do take care of the bills from month to month. Currently, I'm building a business which requires me to spend a lot of after hours time working. It will be better soon, as long as I don't keep taking more projects on than I need to. And I usually don't, unless they serendipitously fall into my lap.

I am feeling so frustrated today. Once again I find myself biting off more in the real world than I should chew, and it's taking away all of my free time. I want to update this blog more frequently. I want to be updating Ms Kate's shrine more as well. I want to spend more time chatting with my friends and reading and responding to their blogs. Most importantly, it's been three weeks since I got to talk to the ever lovely Ms Kate, and I am definitely scratching the walls to get a call in.

Not just for the reasons you might imagine, though those building are there in full force as well, but because calling and chatting and blogging have come to represent a certain playfulness that is so needed in my life. Also, Ms Kate is very good at making me decompress and lower my stress level... something of which I am always grateful.

There is this tiger in me that has been waking up for a few months now, see, and I suppose you can guess who has been waking it up. And now it is getting harder and harder for the little friendly kitty-cat part of me to just go through life with my eyes to the ground, nose to the grindstone. Gone are the days of letting people walk all over me like a doormat... My eyes have been opened and I've grown some stripes, and I like feeling confident and self-sure. That tiger knows how to show itself better than it ever has, and now it's difficult to change him back into a kitten. And, right now, I've taken on some projects that have left the tiger pacing, growling in a makeshift chicken wire pen. It's only a matter of time before the tiger realizes he can jump.

The tiger and I have been talking a lot today. We sent the kitten out for some peppermint ice cream (good luck finding it in the summer, sucka!) and have been discussing our options. We're both mad we haven't got to spend more time with Ms Kate and the rest of our friends.We both feel that the best thing to do is for me to STOP WORKING so many extra hours and make sure I have set aside at least one evening a week that I can just devote to calling and chatting with someone who can tame the tiger, namely Ms Kate. We both feel this will help keep the tiger tame and happy. And when the tiger is happy, Ace is happy.

So, with a hopeful heart and the support of giant predatory cat, I re-double my efforts!