Why am I grinning? Because finally, after a ridiculously long hiatus, I got to call Miss Kate!


It's been a difficult road lately, there's been a few "almost" calls over the past few weeks... I had to keep canceling because of other forces in my real world experience. I was starting to feel a bit disconnected from everything. But patience finally paid off with a wonderful call on Sunday that reaffirmed why I click so well with Miss Kate.

I made a decision recently that I'm pretty much going to keep the details of my calls private, just between the two of us. What I will say is that the call began with a great little "catching up" conversation, which I have missed soooooo much. Then, we joked around a bit and started playing.

One of the things I absolutely love is that, since we have done a fair number of calls now, Kate has become very, very adept at judging what I'm feeling just by the subtle changes in my voice and breathing. I don't think it's something I can explain very well, but it is one of the huuuuge benefits of calling one mistress exclusively. By the time the call was done, I was on cloud nine... Back where I belong, kept just a little off balance, wanting more and more, and having the time of my life!

Thank you, my lovely Lady Kate, for a fantastic evening! Thank you for encouraging and being patient with me when my life went haywire, and thank you for that extra personal touch you always give. You've helped me on my journey every step of the way, and I am excited to see what lies just around the corner!