Five Things About Ace

Howdy, all! I had some free time on my hands and am not able to call Miss Kate, so I thought I'd break the wall of anonymity just a bit and reveal a few little trivial things about me. :) (Really, a conversation I had with a friend recently inspired the idea.) Hope you will forgive the indulgence. It's kinda nice to share with friends.

1. I have a huuuge crush on Wonder Woman. It's the comic book geek in me. Sure, that costume is off the hook... (Miss Kate, you can pick one up for yourself and charge it to my account if you want...) ...but I think the thing that intrigues me most about the Amazon Princess is her lasso of truth. Once she gets that golden rope looped around you, you are powerless and must be completely honest with her. And, quite deliciously, if you are able to get rope tied around her, she becomes powerless as well. You just never know when you might get lucky.

2. This one's a bit embarrassing... But we're all friends here, right? Okay, deep breath... Here goes... I LOOOOOOOOOVE "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama. If I am listening to 80's music on the radio and this song comes on, my hand automatically turns the volume to 11. I have no excuse, and I'm not going to apologize! It's a cruel... (it's a cruel!) cruel summah!

3. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but I am fairly certain I have some very raw psychic ability. I will go months without so much as an inkling, but then suddenly my "spidey-sense" will kick in and I get a very clear flash of something important. Often I will sense hardship or need in the life of a close friend. Sometimes I am able to actually "see" something in the near future. There have only been a few times when nothing has come of these flashes, but, in a twist worthy of a Philip K Dick story, these "errors" occur when I have informed someone of my precognition. Perhaps seeing the future really can change the future. Anyway, I had one of these episodes recently and the recipient of my dream was very nice and didn't call me a wacko... Very classy.

4. I have watched every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in chronological order four times. Fantasy television with a theatrical feel. Sure, there are some duds, but whew... Every time I watch the finale episode of season two, the one where Buffy has to kill the evil Angelus to stop an Apocalypse, and at the last moment he is transformed into the heroic Angel, and Buffy still has to run him through with a sword... Ugh... I cry every time!

I'm really excited that the billybear approved "Succubus Blues" will be arriving from on Monday! Ever since they cancelled Buffy I have been jonesing for more. Thanks again to Billy for the recommendation.

5. I have a real world situation that can at times be a bit hairy. Recently it's been worse than usual. I probably won't ever be able to share many specifics about that, but if you are reading this you are most likely one of the people who has been helping me get through it. I've had a blast in the chat room this week, first at Midnight Madness on Tuesday and then a rare but quite entertaining appearance at Tease Time tonight. My cheeks are sore from the much needed smiles and laughter! Thanks, everyone! You're great!