"The Kate Who Was Great"

My world was so dreary, dismal and grey
I sat there with nothing to do
Then a knock at the door and oh, wonderful day...
The Kate Who Was Great walked right through.

What a cool drink of water, this Kate was, for sure.
From her twinkling eyes to her feet.
One would be hard pressed to call her demure
But her devilish grin seemed so sweet.

"Well, hi, there," she said, in her sugary voice.
And I stuttered, "Hello, who are you?"
She grabbed my right hand, didn't give me a choice
And said, "I heard you were bored. Is it true?"

I replied that I was, and hung my head low.
But she lifted my chin with her hand.
"Oh, acey, my dear, I'm surprised you don't know
I'm here to make life extra grand!"

With a wink of her eye and a bump of her hip
She pushed me right on to the couch.
And she pulled out a bag, and I bit my lip
It was clear that the girl was no slouch.

Then she reached in and pulled out a quizzical thing
And asked, "Have you two not met?"
I looked at the object and quickly thinking
Said, "Of course.. Er... Um.. No, Miss, not yet."

"What is it, Miss Kate, my most beautiful rose?"
Though I thought with this question I'd lose her.
"Well, acey, some call it the great Aneros.
But I call it the Begging Inducer."

Then she showed me some more toys, Toy A and Toy B
And several with warnings I heeded
While she didn't take out one that locked with a key
I knew that a lock wasn't needed.

With a giggly laugh, she looked in my eyes.
And said, "Now, ace, dear, remember...
No cummies until I say so, or otherwise...
You can't ask again 'til September."

"Now's the fun part," she smiled. I started to twitch.
She whispered some words in my ear.
I leaned my head back as she flipped on a switch.
And soon, then, I realized my fear.

All the toys she'd hooked up to me had a design.
To force me to feel my blood boil.
I started to worry, felt the first warning sign.
I could only hold back with great toil.

"May I cum, please, Ms Kate?" I pleaded and moaned.
But she paid no great care to my groin.
"I don't think I can take it! Please, Miss!" I groaned.
And she held in my face a small coin.

"Heads or tails?" She cooed slyly. I thought for a bit...
But the blood had gone out of my brain.
I would either choose wisely or be in deep shit
Filled with bliss or feel sharp blue ball pain.

So I shouted, "Heads! Heads!" And she flipped that damn coin.
And then caught it as easy as pie.
My penis was worked over like prime tenderloin.
I was just about ready to cry.

As I sat in a sweat, she turned up the dial
So that every device was at "Max".
Trying so hard to simmer, I gave a weak smile...
Cock protesting my attempt to relax.

Ever so slowly, she then looked at that quarter
"Are you so close you're ready to burst?"
I thought "Well, Hell yes!" but a "Yeah..." seemed much shorter.
I was fearing now that coin was cursed.

She said, "Well, guess what, my little stroke pet?"
It appears that I flipped a 'tails'...
So hands off right now, and put it away!"
I pleaded but to no avail.

Then she gathered her toys up, quick as you please
Waved and winked slyly at me, quite sexy.
And I sat in my chair, jaw dropped down to my knees.
How did I let such a sexy girl vex me?

Then I pulled up my pants, in a most careful way.
At my desk I sat back down to stew.
But I noticed that instead of the sky's boring grey.
The color was now brilliant blue.