"The Kate Who Was Great"

My world was so dreary, dismal and grey
I sat there with nothing to do
Then a knock at the door and oh, wonderful day...
The Kate Who Was Great walked right through.

What a cool drink of water, this Kate was, for sure.
From her twinkling eyes to her feet.
One would be hard pressed to call her demure
But her devilish grin seemed so sweet.

"Well, hi, there," she said, in her sugary voice.
And I stuttered, "Hello, who are you?"
She grabbed my right hand, didn't give me a choice
And said, "I heard you were bored. Is it true?"

I replied that I was, and hung my head low.
But she lifted my chin with her hand.
"Oh, acey, my dear, I'm surprised you don't know
I'm here to make life extra grand!"

With a wink of her eye and a bump of her hip
She pushed me right on to the couch.
And she pulled out a bag, and I bit my lip
It was clear that the girl was no slouch.

Then she reached in and pulled out a quizzical thing
And asked, "Have you two not met?"
I looked at the object and quickly thinking
Said, "Of course.. Er... Um.. No, Miss, not yet."

"What is it, Miss Kate, my most beautiful rose?"
Though I thought with this question I'd lose her.
"Well, acey, some call it the great Aneros.
But I call it the Begging Inducer."

Then she showed me some more toys, Toy A and Toy B
And several with warnings I heeded
While she didn't take out one that locked with a key
I knew that a lock wasn't needed.

With a giggly laugh, she looked in my eyes.
And said, "Now, ace, dear, remember...
No cummies until I say so, or otherwise...
You can't ask again 'til September."

"Now's the fun part," she smiled. I started to twitch.
She whispered some words in my ear.
I leaned my head back as she flipped on a switch.
And soon, then, I realized my fear.

All the toys she'd hooked up to me had a design.
To force me to feel my blood boil.
I started to worry, felt the first warning sign.
I could only hold back with great toil.

"May I cum, please, Ms Kate?" I pleaded and moaned.
But she paid no great care to my groin.
"I don't think I can take it! Please, Miss!" I groaned.
And she held in my face a small coin.

"Heads or tails?" She cooed slyly. I thought for a bit...
But the blood had gone out of my brain.
I would either choose wisely or be in deep shit
Filled with bliss or feel sharp blue ball pain.

So I shouted, "Heads! Heads!" And she flipped that damn coin.
And then caught it as easy as pie.
My penis was worked over like prime tenderloin.
I was just about ready to cry.

As I sat in a sweat, she turned up the dial
So that every device was at "Max".
Trying so hard to simmer, I gave a weak smile...
Cock protesting my attempt to relax.

Ever so slowly, she then looked at that quarter
"Are you so close you're ready to burst?"
I thought "Well, Hell yes!" but a "Yeah..." seemed much shorter.
I was fearing now that coin was cursed.

She said, "Well, guess what, my little stroke pet?"
It appears that I flipped a 'tails'...
So hands off right now, and put it away!"
I pleaded but to no avail.

Then she gathered her toys up, quick as you please
Waved and winked slyly at me, quite sexy.
And I sat in my chair, jaw dropped down to my knees.
How did I let such a sexy girl vex me?

Then I pulled up my pants, in a most careful way.
At my desk I sat back down to stew.
But I noticed that instead of the sky's boring grey.
The color was now brilliant blue.

A Present for Ms Kate

Ms Kate... I have been so busy this weekend, but I took a little time to go buy this pink Mustang for you and customize it with a bit of fairy dust. (Those are actual fairy wands I changed out the wiper blades for!)

I think it will look good next to my tiger car.... *blush*

Will you accept? :)

Midnight Madness Goes Mad!!!

To see my report of the latest Midnight Madness, click on over to Kate Rules the Earth.

And now, a Public Service Announcment

If you agree... Please post your support here! Every vote counts!

Suprise Witness

So billy bear is now claiming he actually owns the cloud car he's been flaunting me with, and I was reasonably sure he had actually just paid some homeless guy to take a picture of him standing next to it. His obviously doctored photo proving otherwise didn't help his case either. (See below.)
We have a saying over at ace mansion. "If you eat all the cookies leave a note." And we have another saying, which might be more appropriate here, which is "The truth with set you free." This brave homeless Care Bear has stepped forward to set the record straight. Here follows the interview he granted me. For the purposes of anonymity, we will call him not-ace:

ace: Thank you for your help. I'm sure there are at least five or six people that want to get this whole situation sorted out.
not-ace: Glad ta help.
ace: How do you figure into this story?
not-ace: I was the homeless guy who took da picture.
ace: You are referring to the picture of billy standing next to "Princess" in the cloud car?
not-ace: Dat's right.
ace: How did you come to take the picture?
not-ace: Well, dis billy guy comes up to me and hands me dis camera and sez to me... "Hey, homeless dude..." (He likes to use da word 'dude' a lot) "Hey, homeless dude, there's this dude I know who just got a tiger painted Lotus. And, duuude! It's sweet!"
ace: And you were all like...?
not-ace: Yeah, I was all like, what da hell? I don't care. And den he sez, "I'm gonna go stand next to that cloud car with my, er, girlfriend. I'll give you three dollars to take a picture."
ace: So then what happened?
not-ace: Well, he went over to da car and, um... can I say inflated on TV?
ace: Yes, but this isn't TV.
not-ace: He inflated his, uh... girlfriend and set her in da car. And I asked if he was gonna sit next to her and he sez no, because he'll activate da car alarm.
ace: Interesting.
not-ace. Nope. Not even a little. But den I looks down and I realize it ain't no camera, it's a ViewMaster. And dere was a reel in it.
ace: Oh, I see. What was on the reel?
not-ace: Looked like Hello Kitty. Some guys got a thing for dat, I know. So I tells him I can't take a picture with a ViewMaster. He sez some swears, den runs over to da drug store across da street to buy a disposable camera.
ace: So, long story short, he paid you to take a photo of him standing in front of someone else's car.
not-ace: Sure, why not. Den he ran off and didn't even pay me da three dollars. At least I got a ViewMaster out of it.
ace: Thank you for sharing your rivetting story with us. Now, to wrap up, I would like to verify that you are in fact a homeless Care Bear and not a hastily cloned and transmogrified version of myself.
not-ace: Dat's right. How would a homeless guy like me, who is one, ever pay for some sort of cloning/transmogrifying process? Whaddaya think I am? Some sort of rich guy who lives in a mansion and drives a Tiger Lotus? I am not-ace, not ace.
ace: That's good enough for me!
not-ace: Well, you're da one dat wrote it.
ace: Idiot! How do you turn this recorder off? Argh!!!!


I think that puts this controversy to bed. Have a nice day everyone!

Go Go Gadget... Tiger Car!

How do you like the new ride? I've been reserving a spot in the mansion garage for the perfect vehicle, and now I've finally found it. I was going to add a big giant tiger tail on the back, but decided that would be a bit ostentatious.

Before you ask, though... No, you can't have a ride. It's a two-seater, and you know one of those seats belongs to Miss Kate. In fact, I will probably let her drive most of the time, as I think she'll be able to get us out of speeding tickets a lot better than I can.

Hope you're all enjoying the "2.0" version of my little corner of cyberspace. Life is starting to allow me more time to enjoy blogging, so you will probably be seeing a lot more of me here. All visitors and comments are welcome, and all I ask in return is you keep it respectful and fun!

I've been a little under the weather this last week, so I started reading "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice. I'm just finishing up the first book, and I have to say I can see why these books are so popular. Large, sweeping epics using the vampire as a sympathetic creature... I'm starting to understand why people develop a vampire fetish.

The other fun-ness I've been having lately is playing the "Midnight Madness" game in the Community Kink chat room every Tuesday. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! It's a blast and you can win some yummy prizes! Try to be there no later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time... Because at Midnight, the madness begins!

No One Cares What I Think, But...

I have debated for a long time about writing this post. I will try to keep this focused and brief, and I hope you will all take it at face value.

There is a great deal of diversity amongst us about what is appropriate and healthy when it comes to PSO's and BDSM practices. There is a camp of people who believe that PSO calls should only ever be thought of as a brief dalliance into fantasy. And then there are those who seek a deeper connection with their phone mistress, making it a very personal part of their life.

What's the answer? Is one the correct attitude and one a mistake? I don't think so. Just as ice cream comes in many different flavors to cater to many different tastes, so, too does phone sex. I am certainly not into all the same things that many of my online friends are, and I like things I know they don't as well.

I applaud those who are willing to share their journey with us. As I have stated previously on this blog and on other forums, information is the greatest path to understanding. That, as well as to chronicle of my journey, is why I started this blog to begin with. It takes a great deal of bravery, even when using a pen name, to share such a personal part of one's self with the world at large.

We live in a very turbulent world, I think I'm not presuming too much to say so. The reason for this, at least in part, is that we don't understand each other. When I read about heated disagreements in the blogs, it reminds me to feel more open about asking and answering questions to those who sincerely want to communicate about my views. So much of the disagreement that goes on in our community is caused by ignorance. ( I use ignorance here in it's purest form - a lack of understanding. There is NO derogatory meaning intended.)

Believe it or not, we are one community and are stronger together than we are apart. Those of you who know me know I am a big stickler for showing respect and class when dealing with others, whether they have earned it or not. I don't make public comments about in-fighting because I think it just adds fuel to the fire, and, frankly, it's usually none of my business in the first place. I also don't wish to cause additional controversy. I usually DO have an opinion, but you will be hard pressed to discover what that opinion is unless I trust you to understand my reasons. And if the situation warrants it, and my involvement can affect a positive change, I will get involved.

Thank you to all of you, clients, mistresses, and chatters alike who have made my time here so much fun. I have, with only one or two small exceptions, been treated with dignity and respect during my time among you. It is my fervent hope that others will receive the same friendship and support that you have shown me.

Ace :)

Open Letter to a Young Woman Whose Ex-Boyfriend Posted Their Sex Pictures on the Internet.

Dear Somebody's Ex-Girlfriend,

The first things I noticed were your big smile, your sparkling brown eyes gazing with love and playfulness at the camera, and the gooey stripes of fresh warm cum across your face. Mmm...

The next thing I noticed was the title of the picture: SlutExGFRevenge102.jpg. It was a deflating discovery. I was in the midst of an extended wank; a long, one-handed, internet porn-crawl; surfing a Usenet archive site. The wank was over for a while.

I'm fond of pictures with attractive amateurs, especially if they have at least a decent sense of lighting and composition. While there's a place for studio-tanned professionals and glossy hi-res porn, there's something special about actually sharing someone's authentic, exhibitionist sexuality. But what I most emphatically don't want to participate in, is someone's authentic betrayal and violation.

Masturbating to pornography is not a solo act, but an act involving various people: The exhibitionist talent, and the voyeur-wanker, to name only two. Under better circumstances, this is great; I love the idea that at least some of the men and women I look at are getting off on my voyeuristic gaze.

But when the sexually explicit pictures are made (or circulated) without someone's permission, that's a violation, a betrayal. And by viewing it, I am at least in danger of participating in that violation.

To you, the lovely young woman whose trust was violated by your angry ex-boyfriend, into whose sexual intimacy I looked without permission, here is what I wish to say:

First, and most importantly: I'm sorry.

I am sorry both that your trust was betrayed, that someone has hypocritically tried to make you feel bad about your sexuality. I'm an incorrigible voyeur, it's true, but a voyeur is not a peeper. I love to see what I am willingly shown, not to spy on what is private. I would not knowingly have invaded your privacy.

I also want you to know that you are lovely, respectable, sexy, healthy human being. There is no shame either in being a generous lover, or in having desires, or having a sexual body. If we were ever to meet, I would not feel the right to make any sexual remarks just because I've seen those pictures, nor to treat you with anything but respect. I would not think less of you as a potential date or partner, nor as a job applicant or student, nor as a relative. The shame is not yours. It all belongs to those who violated your trust. This means, mostly, your ex-boyfriend... and to a lesser extent people like me. For my part, as I have said, I am sorry.

I wish you to know how much better you come out of all this than your ex does. Even though we see little of him in the picture, he reveals himself to be cruel, selfish, hypocritical, stupid. He lacks respect, integrity and--perhaps most importantly--gratitude. He deserves to be alone, or with someone who refuses to share his fantasies, or express her own.

I hope that you can be philosophical about this... but what you choose to feel is of course not for me to decide. My hope is that if you are angry, that the anger is directed at the responsible parties, and not at yourself. I hope you can find some forgiveness for those of us who wronged you unintentionally. In all matters sexual, including masturbation and pornography, I love to be with people who are sexually open, full of desire and curiosity. I want a life full of people who are smart, funny, honest, curious, loving, healthy... and slutty. I love curious, open-minded men and women who have plenty desire and aren't ashamed of it. In other words, I suspect you are a great person.

However you choose to feel about this--amused, angry, or anything else--you have my apologies, my best wishes for a wonderful, safe life, with respectful friends and appreciative lovers.


The Mindful Wanker

Well, believe it or not, I'm still around and kicking. I've been really busy with work and the harsh realities of the real world, but things have calmed down considerably and I am enjoying getting more focused again with lovely Ms Kate.

We have been having an absolute blast at the weekly Tuesday night Midnight Madness chatroom sessions at Community Kink. Every week Ms Kate and Ms Grace present 10 questions about themselves and the chatter who answers the most questions (correctly) first wins a prize! The stars must have aligned last week, as I won! (Thanks in no small part to my good pal Marikiss, who let me copy her notes.) And the last part of the chat is always a reversal of the situation, with the ladies asking about the chatters. Fun stuff, I highly recommend you get there tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern Time so you don't miss out on the craziness!

Additionally, I got to have a really nice session with Ms Kate last week. It had been a couple of weeks since we had talked, and I can tell that it really helped me get my focus back to talk to her on the phone. We started exploring a new territory for me, which was mentally a little overwhelming at first, but incredibly nice feeling. I think I will leave it at that, other than to say that part of my homework this week was to buy a toy. It arrived yesterday, so who knows what the future brings. I have butterflies in my stomach, and in addition to my nearly two weeks of denial that is creating a very interesting sensation.

Anyway, glad to be back and blogging, hope you all are doing great, and hope to see everyone at the Midnight Madness chat! It's gonna rock!