"Us" vs "Them"

I received a call on the dispatch line, and while I was in the process of processing his billing information before I transferred him to Ms Lilah, it came up that he had been caught jerking off in a tanning salon, by the girl who runs the place. I didn't want to tie up the dispatch line while I got the details of this story, and since it was the end of my shift, I invited myself to participate in his call with Lilah so I could hear the rest of it.

Now, being that we are Cock Controllers and most of the people who call us are of like minds, I was very surprised, when I asked him if he found it arousing to get caught, he said "No! It was very embarrassing!"

I then asked if he'd thought about the incident again later, and even though it was embarrassing, did he jack off to the memory?

I am accustomed to chatting with men who would find this experience extremely erotic.

But this guy says "NOOOOO Not at all, I want to forget that ever happened, it didn't turn me on."

Which is so foreign an idea to me!

I guess we all spend so much time with people who think the way we do about such situations - in fantasy and in reality - that I forget there are guys out there for whom such a situation WOULD be completely not erotic, and totally embarrassing.