'Da Room

I just love the chatroom at LDW. I was thinking back today about all the great times I have had in the last few months there. It is the one place where I can go and hang with some cool cats who understand me, support me, and, usually, tease me. (Two kinds of teasing here... Both are best for ace if not overdone...)

I get an absolute rush when I log in to chat and find the Ms Kate is there zapping people with her electric fly swatter, causing mischief, and saving a seat for me next to her on the couch. I have a hard time not tripping over myself getting over there to her as fast as possible. (And last night she even shared her blanket with me and whispered my homework in my ear! Wooo wooo!)

Then there's the other mistresses that are so nice to me, and so much fun to hang around. It's a blast to get to know every one's individual personalities... Some aren't who you suspected at first. For example, I have discovered that Ms Sarah is an incredibly well read and intelligent blogger. Ms Tara has a thing for both thin mints and properly cooked shrimp. Ms Ava is a huge hockey fan. These are things you wouldn't normally know about your local Phone Fantasy Operator, but that's what makes the community at LDW so special.

Of course, there are other partners in crime who visit the chatrooms on a frequent basis. I won't start listing names, as the list would go on forever, but so often when I enter I am immediately greeted with phrases like, "Hey, Ace. Sorry, can't talk right now. I'm hanging over a giant vat of green paint and wearing a clown nose." What? What the hell did I just walk in to? I love it! So often I have to calm down because I burst out laughing within seconds of entering the chat. And, of course, since the antics have usually been going on for awhile, do you think I can get someone to explain what's going on? Fat chance! I just jump in and try to guess which of the opposing forces is going to be dishing out the smacks, and side with them.

There are a lot of great hosted chats there as well. I wish I was more available for them, as it's usually a good bet there will be many friends there. You can read more about them over at the chat website, but there are some great options for everyone, and more coming all the time. Even for the hosted chats I'm not able to attend, I have to give a big applause for those who host them... That extra time they give is such a gift, and it should be noted.

Lastly, a personal note. If you are new to the room, don't be afraid to say hello. If you are being genuine and kind, there are many of us who will welcome you and help you get acclimated. If you say hello and I don't answer, chances are I'm just not keeping up with the flow of the chat, so just try again. I don't intentionally ignore anyone. We are a big family. Occasionally we don't see eye to eye on something, there are lots of different varieties among our ranks, and everyone definitely has their favorite chatters. But there is room for all of us, so don't be afraid to jump right in. If you are respectful and sincere, you will find friends in 'Da Room.

Now, I gotta go find some beads for Ms Kate! Woo hoo! I love Mardi Gras!