A New Masturbation Interview...

From "Interview with a *Cool* Masturbator" - a Masturbation Interview featuring Ms Veronica and "Cool":

Ms Veronica: How many times do you hold back and repeat, would you say? And how long does it take until you reach that point where you can't take anymore?

Cools: If I'm alone, I can have about 7 or 8 non-ejaculation orgasms before I finally must cum. It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour. But when I've had women watch me (I've had 3 women watch me do this before at the same time), it's much more kinky to me and the turn on is much greater. In that case, I lasted about an hour and a half.

Cools: I find when women tease and make fun of me when I masturbate in front of them it's very kinky.

Ms Veronica: What is it about women watching you masturbate, teasing you, that makes the whole experience more of a turn on for you?

Cools: I think it's about loosing control. It's just amazing. The best is when I ejaculate and can't help but thrust in mid air or let out a little whine or some un-masculine noise because my orgasm is so great. Loosing control in front of them, especially when they just laugh and giggle because they've seen me put so much effort into it.

Ms Veronica: In other words, you want your orgasm, your loose of control to be seen; witnessed....

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