Howdy, kids... I thought I'd take a few minutes to update everybody. Everything is going great, I am having an absolute blast with Ms Kate, and keeping really busy. I am frustrated at how long it's been since I have posted here, but believe me it's not from lack of trying. I've got (I just counted) five unpublished posts, mostly works of fiction. They're sooo close.... I am just trying to take care a of a few more things going on, a few things I'm trying to juggle, and then they'll be appearing shortly. Every time I start to push ahead on things, it seems two more tasks pop up to stop me.

In the meantime, I would be ungrateful if I did not offer a brief thank you to my ever growing support group. Surely you realize that my main appreciation lies with Ms Kate, who is so wonderfully guiding me on this journey, and holding my hand through the rough parts. But also I must mention all the other wonderful mistresses at Cockcontrol.com that are so respectful and sweet and funny. Aaaand... thank you to marikiss for hooking me up on the movies and audiobooks, Billy and Jem for constant comic relief, GG for the heart to hearts, and Mr Smith for the story inspirations.

Have a great one and thanks for sticking with me!