Podcasts and Other Goodness

In between sleeping, working, and fawning over my wonderful masturbatrix, I have been discovering some of the great resources available on the internet.

If you haven't discovered her podcast yet, Ms Ava is doing a wonderful job with her Pillow Talk podcast, and also does a bang up job with her great blog, Verbal Penetrations. Smart, sexy, well thought out. You definitely need to check this one out.

Then, of course, the charming Ms Ally hosts the KinkCast. It's great, and always fun.

The rest of the Cockcontrol.com women seem to be getting into the act, too.

Tales of the Tease with Tori
Cuckold Humiliation with Ms Daphne
Ms Sarah Fem Dom Podcasts

In addition, if you click through the rest of my links to the mistresses, you'll see that most of them, such as Princess Grace and Princess Lilah have audio samples on their blogs as well.

But wait! There's more! Webstress Ally has started up an official Cock Control blog and a site called MayICum.com, where you follow the instructions every day, and a mistress' audio clip tells you whether or not you get to cum that day. Isn't technology great?