Ode to the Rewards of Expert Orgasm Control

Waiting and Wanting
Dreams that are haunting
Watching the Calendar
Watching the Clock

Tossing, Turning
Dripping, Churning
Asking and Pleading
Please make it stop.

Praying and Hoping
Stroking and Coping
Shaking and Quivering
Don't let it out!

Begging and Moaning
Thrusting and Groaning
Blushing and Humping
Clenching and Pumping
Upping and Downing
Smiling and Frowning
Growling and Shaking
Swelling and Quaking
Whispers and Taunting
Giggles and Flaunting
Cooing and Humming
"Now!" and I'm Cumming!
A moment is frozen
And then I black out.

Thank you, my wonderful mistress. You have made me ecstatic.