Male Masturbation Fantasies

All of my fantasies involve male masturbation. All of them. I never fantasize about interacting with a lover - I totally enjoy sex in the real world, but in the fantasy realm, I am almost never there in the fantasy (does anyone else have this sort of fantasy theme going on? Post a comment and let me know...)

I am almost always a passive observer in my fantasies. And almost always, I am passively observing a man masturbating. And to add a bit more to what some might call the monotony of my fantasies...the person in my masturbation fantasies is almost always the person with whom I am involved.

What gives? Hahaha

But why look a gift fantasy in the mouth, I suppose! If it works for me, then it works for me.

Many times the subject of my fantasy will be something that my boyfriend (current masturbatory subject) has told me turns HIM on. I've wondered, could it be a once-removed sort of thing? Such as, the mind categorizes certain things as "turn-ons" early on, and neglects other things...and so, later in life, have I come to only be able to be turned on by "new" things, if removed from them - in the form of fantasizing about watching someone else get turned on by these things?

Two fantasy subjects that were new to me with my current partner: transexuals and violence. You'll never meet him, so I can tell you all that he is into these things. Now, I would never, ever fantasize about either of the subjects, with my own mind. But fantasizing about HIM fantasizing about these things? Or fantasizing about him engaging in fantasy scenes involving these things? Sure, that does it for me!

Well gosh, I need a flow chart just to figure this all out. But then again, I suppose I don't need one. Analysis is rarely sexy. So, I'll just close my eyes and think about the last thing he told me he jerked off to, and I'll do it too. I mean, how else could I ever enjoy a violent tranny fantasy on my own?

Catholic guilt, Bah! My brain can and has run psychoanalytic circles around any Catechism instructor!

May I Cum?