Interview with a Masturbator

I had the chance to chat with Richard from Peter Files this evening: below is the first few minutes of the interview. You will find a link to the complete interview underneath.

Topics covered include compulsive masturbation, masturbation's addictive properties, exhibitionist masturbation, same-sex mutual masturbation, and balancing masturbation with a full and complete lifestyle.

The Interview:

The Masturbatrix:: So tell me - how long have you been a masturbator?

Richard: I started masturbating at about 13, I think. so that makes about 40 years

The Masturbatrix:: Do you recall the first time you masturbated to orgasm?

Richard: Doesn't EVERY male?!!!

The Masturbatrix:: I suppose they do! Tell me about it.

Richard: It was an accidental discovery. I had no idea that it was possible. I had a vague understanding of sex, but no idea I could have an orgasm on my own.

Richard: I had been having erotic dreams for several months, some of them wet, but no ejaculate noticeable Also, I had been playing a lot in the bath, trying to replicate the extraordinary feeling of the dreams, erecting my penis and thrusting it out, etc. No clue how to properly stimulate it. I was using soap as a lubricant (bad idea: causes rashes), and had myself really well soaped up.

I was sitting on the edge of the tub, feeling the tub rim slip up between my buttocks cheeks, and holding my penis, wiggling it this way and that. Suddenly, I felt the most amazing feeling. A tension I couldn't explain. My first thought was: I'm having a heart attack. My second thought was: If so, I don't want it to stop.

The Masturbatrix:: (laughs)

Richard: That was my first orgasm. I didn't even notice if I ejaculated; too much soap I suppose. I thought maybe I had broken something inside. But still I tried to repeat the experience. It was several days before I was successful...

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