I Have a Male Masturbation Fetish...

See, I have a male masturbation fetish. And it's taken most of my lovers a while to accept that when I ask them to tell me about their masturbation activities, I am not poking fun: I am getting off on it.

And one of the sexiest masturbation stories I've been told is a short one...a former lover, on a redeye flight, window seat and sleeping fellow passengers in the middle and aisle. Doesn't want to wake them up or climb over them to get to the rest room to rub one off, so...

Hand in pocket. Tissues down the front of the pants. Slight movements so as not to repeatedly elbow middle seat passenger. Long session, but ultimate success.

GOD I don't know why that turns me on so much but it does. I fantasize that I am, perhaps, the middle seat passenger, and I wake without opening my eyes, to the ever-so-slight sensation of the forearm of window seat guy moving. This of course would be toward the end...for about 80% of his session he was able to proceed with hand motions only, but now, nearing the finish line, the forearm must get involved.

I wouldn't open my eyes. I wouldn't let him know I knew what he was doing. Not until he was done. Then when the forearm movement stopped, I would turn my head, open my eyes, and ask, "Need a tissue?"

Soooo sexy.

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