Many, Many New Masturbation Interviews

The last time I posted here was FEBRUARY?? Good lord, where does the time go!

Well here we are, two days before Christmas, and I am happy to say I still love male masturbation as much as ever. I am also pleased to announce that Mr Masturbator and I have officially tied the knot - love and masturbation for all eternity!

I have also enlisted the assistance of another male masturbation lover, Ms Courtney, to help grow the library of interviews over at The Masturbation Interviews - good reading! Be sure to check those out.

I Have an Idea

What do you think about a series of videos, along the same lines as - only the interviews take place in person?

The exchange would be similar - candid, open discussion of one's masturbation habits.

And if one became aroused during the conversation, it would be appropriate, within the context of the interview series, for him to masturbate during the interview.

The interviewer would remain professional and uninvolved with the masturbation, if any occurred. As I envision it, she would proceed with the questioning and conversation as if he were not sitting there jacking off - would be "business as usual" so to speak.

Does anyone find this as interesting as I do?

The Masturbatrix

Goodnight, Blue Prince

I almost jumped out of my star spangled underoos when I heard that my friend and occasional blackmailer, Billy Bear, was shot. (It obviously wasn't me who committed the crime, I have several "colleagues" who would swear I was working the register at Burger King when it happened.) I hear an investigation is currently underway. I hope they catch the overly endowed gunwoman, whomever she may be.

I better fill you all in quick... The phone is ringing off the hook, and some jerk in a fedora's been by knocking at my door five times today already. If I don't make a public statement soon people are going to wonder...

The blue one has been a loyal and constant presence during my adventures here, so I felt it was my duty to make sure his much-abused sidekick and cat, Robo-Mittens was taken care of. I took the WonderTiger Lotus over to the now under construction Billy Labs 2.0, pleased to see that the latest lethal upgrades have allowed Robo-Mittens a more natural appearance.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered no one had told RM what had happened. I'll never forget the look on her face...RoboMittens' despair turned quickly to revenge, and she began mewing "Eye for an eye! Eye for an eye!" Yes, it was as creepy as it sounds. I tossed RM a few bucks to finish her education, said my goodbyes, and wished her well on her quest. She looked off into the distance for a moment, then darted away. Strange cat.

Walking back to the Lotus, I noticed a beat-up, singed cigar box. Possibly the only thing that didn't completely burn in the fire. Inside, I found a single photo...
I pocketed it, of course. But who knows if it'll ever come in handy. The bear's gone, right?

I wonder what college RoboMittens will go to.

To be continued...

I'm Still Around

Well, this is what happens when I start working too much and stop giving my wonderful Mistress Kate the attention she deserves. Now, here I am, in a locked paddock in the center of a hedge maze in the east yard of Ace Mansion, my right paw chained to a hook in the cement.

You can see, now, why it's been so long since I've had a report about my training. Locked here with only my laptop and the naughty thoughts planted by Ms Kate, my only hope is to finish my work quickly so I can play again.

Each day, my sharp tiger eyes catch a glimpse of Ms Kate enjoying the pool. (She's taken over the mansion while I'm incarcerated.) With the CB-30,000 (a special size created for tigers) locked on, I have actually begun to hope each day that she'll wear a swimsuit when she goes for her morning swim. She rarely does.

I'm going insane with a hunger that can't be sated by the cookie-meal food she has the staff feed me every night. I need to call, but right next to my blanket under the willow tree lies a computer filled with chores that need finishing. Ms Kate giggles when she asks me if I've finished my work yet. I have to growl a no each time... But it's getting closer.

If all goes well, I'll get unlocked before I have to start purring and begging and saying the "anything" word. Though maybe that will please her, too.

I adore Ms Kate as much as ever... Were she to open my cage(s) right now and allow me freedom with another, I would choose captivity. I must have patience and faith that, as she says, "my time will come."

Thank you for your patience, Ms Kate. Thank you for your patience, my few but loyal readers. I hope to make parole soon!

Happy Anniversary, Ms Kate!!!!

One year ago today, I got to speak to my wonderful Ms Kate for the first time! It has been an incredible year! Thank you so much for all you've done for me this last year! I can't wait for the future!

Your Devoted ace

A View from the Cage

WARNING: Based on my current condition, free-form thought may ensue below.

On Friday my new CB-3000 arrived. I had been a little nervous up to that point, but as soon as I took the cage out of the box and saw it in true life I was weak in the knees. It's real now, something imminent that I will wear, in whatever way pleases Mistress Kate.

Deep breaths, ace... You can do this...

The truth is, I find this whole thing exhilarating. It's the logical next step in my service to Ms Kate. Real life on my end prevents me from being locked full time, but we are finding ways to involve the cage that I didnt' think were possible. As I look back over the past eleven months, I can see the design and path that she has led me on, preparing me for this next step in our adventure. She has taken me from about a three day lapse between orgasms to now...

Breathe.. Relax...

Amazingly, the fact that I am at 27 days of "no cummies" (four days past my record) doesn't deter my thrill. Nor does the fact that I am expecting at least 20 more days of denial. October 5th, which will be day 45, is my one year anniversary of the first time Ms Kate took the steering wheel of my life and shifted into fifth gear. Sure, I am wracked with want and need, ache and desire, throbbing and....

Breeeeathe, ace...

Where was I? Ah, yes... I am headed out on a business trip at the end of the week. Ms Kate told me to get some plastic locks for the cage, so I'm sure she is planning some devious things for me on the trip. I'll be gone a week, and I fully expect to locked away the whole time, unable to touch, unable to feel the....

Wheeeeeeeewww..... Concentrate, ace. You're gonna make it.

So I've been getting used to the cage a bit each day leading up to my trip. I think I finally found the right fit. It's good to have locked up friends who will i.m. you some advice when necessary. I found that the hardest part for me was getting in the tube. I've been getting so frazzled sexually with being on denial that it's been difficult to squeeze into the cage. In fact, on every occasion so far I have had the assistance of ice to make everything shrink down enough to fit in. Once inside and locked in, everything is fitting really well and I don't think I'm going to have any problems.

It really is torture to have that tube on. I can't feel anything through it and the holes are designed to provide access to the least sensitive parts. I am amazed at how minimal feeling is even from tapping the plastic. And, of course, the more I can't feel, the more I wish I could feel, and the more desperate I get, and...

rrrrrrr..... grrrrrrrrr....... Not now... Stay calm......


So I'm sitting here now typing this with the cage on, taking breaks when my mind tells my cock to get hard. Things go from okay to very tight fast. I am aching so much to have a "cummie", but I am doing what Ms Kate said to do... Taking it one day at a time.

Each morning I wake up happy that I am one day closer to our anniversary date, and I haven't failed yet. The aneros and I had a visit last night and I thought the ensuing milking would relieve some of my mental need to cum. Instead, it just made me want it more. Each day I think I will do okay, but as the days turn to weeks and months, I am getting excited by the simplest things... Car going over a speed bump, walking, getting my hair cut by a girl with a southern accent.

And in the hours that I'm wearing the cage, I feel like I've finally truly given control of my pleasure to Ms Kate. It's like she's actually wrapped her hand right around me and said, "This belongs to me. I decide when it gets to cum." And that is sooo, soooo......

......................deep breath................................

You know what? It is worth the discomfort to get to have such delicious thoughts about my beautiful mistress. There is no luckier pet than I. Thank you Ms Kate for helping me take this giant step forward.

your devoted ace

Straight Porn and the Penis

If I say that men are fascinated by--obsessed with--penises, it is not to insult anyone. It's all too easy, in our world, to make fun of men, men's bodies, and men's feelings about their bodies. We men love our cocks, and that's ok. In fact, that's good. We have long relationships with our penises, so let's hope the relationships are positive ones.

Men become attached to the sight, the feel, the idea of a hard squirting cock; from years of that hard squirting cock being at the center of a pleasurable masturbatory life. Pavlovian association? Skinnerian reinforcement? Whatever we call it, it is completely understandable and natural: To the male mind, Hard Penis = Pleasure.

The problems in our culture with accepting this male phallophilia are these: homophobia, insecurity, and prudery. In academic, progressive, feminist, and other supposedly sex-positive sub-cultures; there is often a deep suspicion of male sexuality. But I want to emphasize: Male interest in penises has nothing to do with orientation or confusion about orientation, nor about competition, domination or degradation of anyone, nor really about anything. Men's interest in cocks is fairly free of baggage. All of that other crap--from orientation anxieties, homophobia, to the treatment of semen and the penis as weapons of humiliation in pornography--comes later, as society muddies the clear water of sexuality with its confused, hypocritical bullshit.

In so much of porn for men who identify as straight, penises are either central, or conspicuously absent. As for the whys and hows, I'll save specifics for another blog entry. For now, a recommendation: Quit worrying. Being curious about penises, erections, and ejaculations will not change your orientation. Seeing them, enjoying them in your porn collection or in your fantasy life... none of these have to mean anything you don't want them to mean. I'm not a fan of labels and categories for sexuality, but whatever "straight" means to those who apply the term to themselves, it is not contradicted by a collection of cumshot videos on the hard-drive.

I want to reclaim the penis from the pornographers who enable the man-hating wing of progressive subculture--i.e. from the pornographers who fulfill the prophesies of McKinnon, Dvorkin, et. al., by turning the penis into a weapon of violence and humiliation.

Semen is not about domination, but about the human reality of juicy sex. It's a healthy bodily fluid. We--men who love women, sex, penises--we need to reclaim the narrative of the hard cock and the cum-shot. We need to reclaim it from both the woman-haters who make porn... and from the man-haters who present papers about them at the MLA.

Hard spurting cocks are--or can and should be--symbols of passion, beauty and love. I hereby declare my erection to be beautiful, and my semen to be among the many yummy juices of sexual passion. I invite you to do the same.

Caged Tiger?

Well, it looks like I haven't quite gone a whole month since my last post. As always, I try not to go so long between posts, but real life issues have a way of laughing in my face when I make a commitment to write more frequently.

A lot has happened since my last post... The work that's been kicking my rear is easing up, and I am very happy to report that I am only about a month away from my first anniversary as Ms Kate's pet. Some have wondered my reasons behind calling only Ms Kate all this time. It is certainly not by her design, as she has told me many times she is fine with me calling other mistresses if that is my heart's desire. It's not because I think poorly of any other mistresses. Some of them I consider good friends, and I know they are fantastic at what they do. My calling habits have more to do with the personal journey I am taking, and the fact that I clicked immediately with Ms Kate. The bond we form by my being exclusive can't be faked, and that is what I was looking for.

And what a year it has been, too. When I look back at my journey over the months, it becomes more clear that Ms Kate has slowly been guiding me along, helping me learn things about myself and discovering new avenues of interest. The stakes keep getting more and more interesting as our calls progress.

Recently I took a trip to some ocean front property, and Ms Kate offered to do a special call with me that wouldn't have been possible normally. She set the stakes... If I did the call as she specified, I'd have a good chance to cum. If not, she got to pick out ANY toy to add to the toybox she's been helping me build. ANY toy.

Well, of course, the excitement of this special call was more than my two-weeks-of-denial body could pass up, so I accepted the challenge. I got to the beach, and after a few technical holdups I was all set to IM Ms Kate and let her know I could do the call. Well, I got sooo excited, I tripped on some stairs and dropped my cell phone, which basically split in half.

The call wasn't gonna happen. Damn it to hell! I felt bad for letting Ms Kate down, and for missing out on a rare opportunity.

I let Ms Kate know what happened, and then got back from my trip just in time for the most recent installment of Midnight Madness. Ms Kate decided that was the perfect time to tell me what toy I'd be purchasing.

A CB-3000!!!!

I know I went silent for a bit, but everyone else in the chatroom got reaaaaal chatty, telling me congratulations, laughing, having a great time. What a nice bunch of people........

Ms Kate went on, telling me she may just let it sit there in our toy box for a few days or weeks, just letting me think about it. Then, she said she might have me get it out during our calls and make me wonder if that will be the day she tells me to lock it on. And finally, one day, when I least expect it, she might edge me until I can't take it anymore, make me think I'm going to get to cum, then tell me "hands off and put on the cage".

Kinda scary... Kinda exciting... I'm really anticipating playing with the cage. I think this could be the start of another great adventure with my wonderful mistress. Thank you, Ms Kate for your kind attention, naught nature, and friendship.

Cookie, Anyone?

Ms Kate put a cool fortune cookie on her blog, so I thought I'd try my hand at one. (You know I can't resist cookie based entertainment.) Click on the cookie and read your fortune.

Create your custom cookie at

Descent into Midnight Madness

I'm a few days late in writing this update, but if you are any of the valiant few who still check my blog from time to time, you know that any posts from me are a miracle.

Monday was a day of frustrations for me, but I think writing it all out helped me feel a bit more relaxed. What I hadn't stated clearly in my post is that I, at that point, had tied my record for most days without cumming. (I can hear an utter lack of sympathy from jem here.) So there I was, with just enough free time to gather my thoughts, and I realized it had been 23 days since I'd had any release. And I knew that there was a good possibility that I wouldn't be able to call for a few more days. And much of this was my own fault, since I had taken more work on and didn't plan ahead some time to call Ms Kate.

Then Tuesday rolled around and I realized there was a chance I'd be able to have some quiet time to call, just after the end of Midnight Madness. You can imagine my anticipation, now at 24 days, at the prospect of calling. I thought about it aaaaaallll day and into the evening. It was really difficult to be patient, but I knew my time would come if I just waited for my chance. I was pacing myself well, felt pretty confident about keeping my composure until I could call Ms Kate.

Then the Midnight Madness chat started. I hope I can remember what follows with some accuracy, but I'm sure jem will correct me if I missed something important. (On second thought, jem was having troubles of her own. Well, you'll see...)

It's always a pleasure for me when Ms Kate orders me to come sit next to her on the couch. I did so with great joy in my heart, as usual. My excitable self started thinking about calling, and Ms Kate and Ms Grace announced they were going to take two-girl calls during chat. I didn't think much about that because, as most of you probably know, I only call Ms Kate. (A choice I made and am very content with, not a commentary on anyone else. There are several women working at LDW that I think are fun and lovely, Ms Grace among them.)

Well, suddenly, Ms Grace is sitting on the other side of me, and I realized too late that I had become the target for this week's festivities. Knowing my calling habits, they decided to torture me a little. Because of my condition, I was already experiencing foggy thinking. So it you can imagine how I felt when Ms Kate ordered me to stand, and then she stood in front of me and Ms Grace rubbed against me from behind. She started stroking me and talked over my shoulder to Ms Grace about how good I am at not cumming unless I'm given permission. Ms Kate kept telling me not to cum without permission... Ms Grace was asking me if I needed to... They were kissing each other while rubbing up against me... It went on like this for a little bit.

Remember my comment about poor jem from earlier? Well, she had finished her last orgasm of the day (see her blog for details) right before coming to the chat, and I think the idea of our mistresses in such a tangle made her wish she'd saved one for chat.

At some point pantysue commented to me that it's the first time she'd seen someone fake NOT cumming... Sadly for me she was wrong... I was not faking. But I was in a dark and desperate place.

The tease continued. At some point I even mentioned I was getting desperate enough to consider saying "anything" to get to cum. (Ms Kate locked that one away for later.) They just taunted and teased and told me I should call them right then. It was all in good fun, but as you know good fun to these two usually involves some pretty torturous scenarios for us.

Of course, I'm sure they both suspected I wouldn't do a two-girl call, but they enjoyed it nonetheless, as did I. A+ tease all the way! And thank you so much Ms Kate and Ms Grace for targeting me... Made me feel very special. All kidding aside, I am very fortunate to count you both as friends on this very interesting journey of mine.

Anyway, after Midnight Madness ended, it was time for my "Kate Date." Now 24 days out from release, and driving near the brink of insanity by a cyber-tease, I was more than ready! We chatted for a minute, then got right into things. It was amazing as usual, Ms Kate had prepared a very special treat for my call that made it EVEN HARDER to hold back, but I was able to.

I have noticed something lately. Ms Kate is still as incredible as ever on the phone, but there seems to be an extra devious spark in our calls, a twinge of that devilish attitude of hers, that has just skyrocketed these calls into the stratosphere. She is really good at making me worry/look forward to the next surprise she has in store. It's electric!

And then, I realized something. Since she knew I was desperate enough to tell her I'd do anything if I got to cum, she was not going to let me unless I DID say it. You'd think I'd learn.

Of course, I did say it, in a moment of absolutely fevered desperation. And it seemed an eternity while she laughed and considered this request, before finally telling me what that anything would be. I agreed in about a nanosecond, not concerned with such minor details as the consequences of our agreement. She gave me permission to cum, and that was all I cared about at that point.

Ms Kate, thanks to me saying "anything," it was a very interesting day for me at work on Wednesday. But it was worth it!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience with me and for being such a wonderful mistress and friend!

All Work and No Play Makes Ace a Dull Boy

I work too much.

I always have. I am a workaholic. And it's not because I'm struggling financially. I'm not Bill Gates, but I do take care of the bills from month to month. Currently, I'm building a business which requires me to spend a lot of after hours time working. It will be better soon, as long as I don't keep taking more projects on than I need to. And I usually don't, unless they serendipitously fall into my lap.

I am feeling so frustrated today. Once again I find myself biting off more in the real world than I should chew, and it's taking away all of my free time. I want to update this blog more frequently. I want to be updating Ms Kate's shrine more as well. I want to spend more time chatting with my friends and reading and responding to their blogs. Most importantly, it's been three weeks since I got to talk to the ever lovely Ms Kate, and I am definitely scratching the walls to get a call in.

Not just for the reasons you might imagine, though those building are there in full force as well, but because calling and chatting and blogging have come to represent a certain playfulness that is so needed in my life. Also, Ms Kate is very good at making me decompress and lower my stress level... something of which I am always grateful.

There is this tiger in me that has been waking up for a few months now, see, and I suppose you can guess who has been waking it up. And now it is getting harder and harder for the little friendly kitty-cat part of me to just go through life with my eyes to the ground, nose to the grindstone. Gone are the days of letting people walk all over me like a doormat... My eyes have been opened and I've grown some stripes, and I like feeling confident and self-sure. That tiger knows how to show itself better than it ever has, and now it's difficult to change him back into a kitten. And, right now, I've taken on some projects that have left the tiger pacing, growling in a makeshift chicken wire pen. It's only a matter of time before the tiger realizes he can jump.

The tiger and I have been talking a lot today. We sent the kitten out for some peppermint ice cream (good luck finding it in the summer, sucka!) and have been discussing our options. We're both mad we haven't got to spend more time with Ms Kate and the rest of our friends.We both feel that the best thing to do is for me to STOP WORKING so many extra hours and make sure I have set aside at least one evening a week that I can just devote to calling and chatting with someone who can tame the tiger, namely Ms Kate. We both feel this will help keep the tiger tame and happy. And when the tiger is happy, Ace is happy.

So, with a hopeful heart and the support of giant predatory cat, I re-double my efforts!

Getting to Know U

Princess Grace posted a challenge on her blog... Seemed like fun, so here is my response.

1) Are you left handed or right handed? Which direction does the top of your head lean when you kiss on the lips?

Right handed... And let's see... *smooch* Looks like I tilt my head to the right. Hmmm.. Learn something new every day I suppose.

2) What is the first "non-physical" feature you tend to notice about a person you find attractive?

Boy, this is gonna sound cheesy, but this is me being honest... A kind heart.

3) How many times to you tend to cum a week? (if not on restriction, and just left to your own devices)

I can't remember. LOL... Just kidding. I was a stroker boy before I started calling Miss Kate... Between 10 and 14 times. (Follow up question: When you say devices.....)

4) Would you rather receive amazing oral sex or have amazing sex?

Amazing sex. I love the mental connection of it. Don't get me wrong... Oral sex is wonderful, if I remember correctly... But if I had to chose only one... I would chose amazing sex.

5) What can a lover do to turn you on instantly?

Run their fingers through my hair while they whispers dirty things in my ear.. It makes me purr like a kitten.

6) When you orgasm, do you hold your breath?

It depends on how powerful it is. Lately... yes. Recently I almost passed out! Maybe I should get one of those oxygen mask things like they have in airplanes. That way it can drop down from the ceiling if, um, my cabin has a sudden change in pressure.

There! I did it! Thanks, Princess Grace, that was fun!


Why am I grinning? Because finally, after a ridiculously long hiatus, I got to call Miss Kate!


It's been a difficult road lately, there's been a few "almost" calls over the past few weeks... I had to keep canceling because of other forces in my real world experience. I was starting to feel a bit disconnected from everything. But patience finally paid off with a wonderful call on Sunday that reaffirmed why I click so well with Miss Kate.

I made a decision recently that I'm pretty much going to keep the details of my calls private, just between the two of us. What I will say is that the call began with a great little "catching up" conversation, which I have missed soooooo much. Then, we joked around a bit and started playing.

One of the things I absolutely love is that, since we have done a fair number of calls now, Kate has become very, very adept at judging what I'm feeling just by the subtle changes in my voice and breathing. I don't think it's something I can explain very well, but it is one of the huuuuge benefits of calling one mistress exclusively. By the time the call was done, I was on cloud nine... Back where I belong, kept just a little off balance, wanting more and more, and having the time of my life!

Thank you, my lovely Lady Kate, for a fantastic evening! Thank you for encouraging and being patient with me when my life went haywire, and thank you for that extra personal touch you always give. You've helped me on my journey every step of the way, and I am excited to see what lies just around the corner!

Meanwhile... Back at Ace Mansion....

Well, well, well.... I'm not sure how it happened or, more importantly, WHY... But when my good friend G.R. told me Lucky Pet had a caged tiger in his possession, curiosity got the best of me. (What do you want? I'm genetically inclined that way.)

So I grabbed my overcoat and fedora and the keys to the Tiger Lotus and sauntered over to Lucky's Hideaway to see for myself. Sure enough, there was a delicious little Tigress/Human crossbreed locked up in a little cage for all to see.

Suddenly, I knew something was up... I could smell, with my highly tuned sniffer, the scent of a blue bear... There was Billy! Hmmm... I've never know LP to instigate problems, but BB... That's another story. I decided to keep quiet and feel out the situation a bit more.

"It's Ace! Or as we now refer to her, ggrrrrACE!" I thought they'd caught me, but BB was pointing to the feminine feline. Apparently, Billy believed he'd transmogrified his cat Mittens and I into one hell of a kitty cat.

I was flabbergasted, but then I noticed my friend and confidante, jem, chiming in as well. "Wonder if I could rent this cat for awhile? I have some problem vermin I'd like to get rid of..."
What a little bitchass!

Lucky's expression drooped. "Oh, shit! I have a hard on for ace!"

I couldn't take it any more... I was speechless, but I just had to correct them. All I could manage was a weak, "" They turned toward me, not recognizing me in my coat and hat, and I just looked up and the sky and whistled until they looked away again.

How could they have made such a glaring error? I've been running around the country all month opening up new cookie factories in economically desperate regions, but somehow they think they'd captured me and...

Then I noticed something about the captive cat.

A cigar! Well, that explains a lot. I hate the things... Can't stand them... But my sometimes doppelganger not-ace swears by them! (Figuratively and literally.) It appears poor old not-ace was in the wrong place at the wrong time. not-ace looked at me, pleadingly, but I couldn't come to his/her rescue now... I needed to find out more.

I backed away slowly, returned to my car, and drove home. True, not-ace/mittens made quite the combo. My tiger blood boils hottest for Ms Kate, but this creature was nothing to sneeze at. I flipped open my cell and IM'd Ms Kate, letting her know that I was safe and sound.

I was concerned that the wastelands have taken their toll on the gang. Surely this attempted hazing didn't have anything to do with the fact that I didn't join them on their crusade! Maybe I hadn't been the friend to them that I should have been... Maybe in my haste to open more cookie factories I had negleted some posting and comments that I should have taken more care of.

I called my secretary and asked her to ship two crates of cookies each to Ms Kate, Princess Grace, Miz Ava, Ms Veronica, Ms Tara, billybear, jem, lucky pet, bankyboo, and pantysue. However this situation had unfolded, I wanted them to know how much I cared about them. Thinking for a moment, I had Gladys add two more boxes of my experimental tiger-creme shortbreads to billy and lucky's shipments. It seemed they needed a bit of extra TLC.

Now I sit here in my overstuffed chair, reading over the latest numbers from my Anchorage factory, wondering what will become of this latest adventure into insanity. Surely most of the recipients of those cookies will assume foul play at work, we shall see. And as for not-ace/mittens.... As much as I hate to lose both an expensive clone and a close personal friend (mittens is the latter), a cost/benefit analysis of the situation tells me there will be other opportunities. I must patiently await them. In the interim, Mittens is safely locked away in that cage, no longer readily available as a, um, therapeutic distraction, to billy's anger. And something tells me he's gonna be awful sore soon.

Enjoy the cookies, my friends!

Five Things About Ace

Howdy, all! I had some free time on my hands and am not able to call Miss Kate, so I thought I'd break the wall of anonymity just a bit and reveal a few little trivial things about me. :) (Really, a conversation I had with a friend recently inspired the idea.) Hope you will forgive the indulgence. It's kinda nice to share with friends.

1. I have a huuuge crush on Wonder Woman. It's the comic book geek in me. Sure, that costume is off the hook... (Miss Kate, you can pick one up for yourself and charge it to my account if you want...) ...but I think the thing that intrigues me most about the Amazon Princess is her lasso of truth. Once she gets that golden rope looped around you, you are powerless and must be completely honest with her. And, quite deliciously, if you are able to get rope tied around her, she becomes powerless as well. You just never know when you might get lucky.

2. This one's a bit embarrassing... But we're all friends here, right? Okay, deep breath... Here goes... I LOOOOOOOOOVE "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama. If I am listening to 80's music on the radio and this song comes on, my hand automatically turns the volume to 11. I have no excuse, and I'm not going to apologize! It's a cruel... (it's a cruel!) cruel summah!

3. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but I am fairly certain I have some very raw psychic ability. I will go months without so much as an inkling, but then suddenly my "spidey-sense" will kick in and I get a very clear flash of something important. Often I will sense hardship or need in the life of a close friend. Sometimes I am able to actually "see" something in the near future. There have only been a few times when nothing has come of these flashes, but, in a twist worthy of a Philip K Dick story, these "errors" occur when I have informed someone of my precognition. Perhaps seeing the future really can change the future. Anyway, I had one of these episodes recently and the recipient of my dream was very nice and didn't call me a wacko... Very classy.

4. I have watched every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in chronological order four times. Fantasy television with a theatrical feel. Sure, there are some duds, but whew... Every time I watch the finale episode of season two, the one where Buffy has to kill the evil Angelus to stop an Apocalypse, and at the last moment he is transformed into the heroic Angel, and Buffy still has to run him through with a sword... Ugh... I cry every time!

I'm really excited that the billybear approved "Succubus Blues" will be arriving from on Monday! Ever since they cancelled Buffy I have been jonesing for more. Thanks again to Billy for the recommendation.

5. I have a real world situation that can at times be a bit hairy. Recently it's been worse than usual. I probably won't ever be able to share many specifics about that, but if you are reading this you are most likely one of the people who has been helping me get through it. I've had a blast in the chat room this week, first at Midnight Madness on Tuesday and then a rare but quite entertaining appearance at Tease Time tonight. My cheeks are sore from the much needed smiles and laughter! Thanks, everyone! You're great!

"The Kate Who Was Great"

My world was so dreary, dismal and grey
I sat there with nothing to do
Then a knock at the door and oh, wonderful day...
The Kate Who Was Great walked right through.

What a cool drink of water, this Kate was, for sure.
From her twinkling eyes to her feet.
One would be hard pressed to call her demure
But her devilish grin seemed so sweet.

"Well, hi, there," she said, in her sugary voice.
And I stuttered, "Hello, who are you?"
She grabbed my right hand, didn't give me a choice
And said, "I heard you were bored. Is it true?"

I replied that I was, and hung my head low.
But she lifted my chin with her hand.
"Oh, acey, my dear, I'm surprised you don't know
I'm here to make life extra grand!"

With a wink of her eye and a bump of her hip
She pushed me right on to the couch.
And she pulled out a bag, and I bit my lip
It was clear that the girl was no slouch.

Then she reached in and pulled out a quizzical thing
And asked, "Have you two not met?"
I looked at the object and quickly thinking
Said, "Of course.. Er... Um.. No, Miss, not yet."

"What is it, Miss Kate, my most beautiful rose?"
Though I thought with this question I'd lose her.
"Well, acey, some call it the great Aneros.
But I call it the Begging Inducer."

Then she showed me some more toys, Toy A and Toy B
And several with warnings I heeded
While she didn't take out one that locked with a key
I knew that a lock wasn't needed.

With a giggly laugh, she looked in my eyes.
And said, "Now, ace, dear, remember...
No cummies until I say so, or otherwise...
You can't ask again 'til September."

"Now's the fun part," she smiled. I started to twitch.
She whispered some words in my ear.
I leaned my head back as she flipped on a switch.
And soon, then, I realized my fear.

All the toys she'd hooked up to me had a design.
To force me to feel my blood boil.
I started to worry, felt the first warning sign.
I could only hold back with great toil.

"May I cum, please, Ms Kate?" I pleaded and moaned.
But she paid no great care to my groin.
"I don't think I can take it! Please, Miss!" I groaned.
And she held in my face a small coin.

"Heads or tails?" She cooed slyly. I thought for a bit...
But the blood had gone out of my brain.
I would either choose wisely or be in deep shit
Filled with bliss or feel sharp blue ball pain.

So I shouted, "Heads! Heads!" And she flipped that damn coin.
And then caught it as easy as pie.
My penis was worked over like prime tenderloin.
I was just about ready to cry.

As I sat in a sweat, she turned up the dial
So that every device was at "Max".
Trying so hard to simmer, I gave a weak smile...
Cock protesting my attempt to relax.

Ever so slowly, she then looked at that quarter
"Are you so close you're ready to burst?"
I thought "Well, Hell yes!" but a "Yeah..." seemed much shorter.
I was fearing now that coin was cursed.

She said, "Well, guess what, my little stroke pet?"
It appears that I flipped a 'tails'...
So hands off right now, and put it away!"
I pleaded but to no avail.

Then she gathered her toys up, quick as you please
Waved and winked slyly at me, quite sexy.
And I sat in my chair, jaw dropped down to my knees.
How did I let such a sexy girl vex me?

Then I pulled up my pants, in a most careful way.
At my desk I sat back down to stew.
But I noticed that instead of the sky's boring grey.
The color was now brilliant blue.

A Present for Ms Kate

Ms Kate... I have been so busy this weekend, but I took a little time to go buy this pink Mustang for you and customize it with a bit of fairy dust. (Those are actual fairy wands I changed out the wiper blades for!)

I think it will look good next to my tiger car.... *blush*

Will you accept? :)

Midnight Madness Goes Mad!!!

To see my report of the latest Midnight Madness, click on over to Kate Rules the Earth.

And now, a Public Service Announcment

If you agree... Please post your support here! Every vote counts!

Suprise Witness

So billy bear is now claiming he actually owns the cloud car he's been flaunting me with, and I was reasonably sure he had actually just paid some homeless guy to take a picture of him standing next to it. His obviously doctored photo proving otherwise didn't help his case either. (See below.)
We have a saying over at ace mansion. "If you eat all the cookies leave a note." And we have another saying, which might be more appropriate here, which is "The truth with set you free." This brave homeless Care Bear has stepped forward to set the record straight. Here follows the interview he granted me. For the purposes of anonymity, we will call him not-ace:

ace: Thank you for your help. I'm sure there are at least five or six people that want to get this whole situation sorted out.
not-ace: Glad ta help.
ace: How do you figure into this story?
not-ace: I was the homeless guy who took da picture.
ace: You are referring to the picture of billy standing next to "Princess" in the cloud car?
not-ace: Dat's right.
ace: How did you come to take the picture?
not-ace: Well, dis billy guy comes up to me and hands me dis camera and sez to me... "Hey, homeless dude..." (He likes to use da word 'dude' a lot) "Hey, homeless dude, there's this dude I know who just got a tiger painted Lotus. And, duuude! It's sweet!"
ace: And you were all like...?
not-ace: Yeah, I was all like, what da hell? I don't care. And den he sez, "I'm gonna go stand next to that cloud car with my, er, girlfriend. I'll give you three dollars to take a picture."
ace: So then what happened?
not-ace: Well, he went over to da car and, um... can I say inflated on TV?
ace: Yes, but this isn't TV.
not-ace: He inflated his, uh... girlfriend and set her in da car. And I asked if he was gonna sit next to her and he sez no, because he'll activate da car alarm.
ace: Interesting.
not-ace. Nope. Not even a little. But den I looks down and I realize it ain't no camera, it's a ViewMaster. And dere was a reel in it.
ace: Oh, I see. What was on the reel?
not-ace: Looked like Hello Kitty. Some guys got a thing for dat, I know. So I tells him I can't take a picture with a ViewMaster. He sez some swears, den runs over to da drug store across da street to buy a disposable camera.
ace: So, long story short, he paid you to take a photo of him standing in front of someone else's car.
not-ace: Sure, why not. Den he ran off and didn't even pay me da three dollars. At least I got a ViewMaster out of it.
ace: Thank you for sharing your rivetting story with us. Now, to wrap up, I would like to verify that you are in fact a homeless Care Bear and not a hastily cloned and transmogrified version of myself.
not-ace: Dat's right. How would a homeless guy like me, who is one, ever pay for some sort of cloning/transmogrifying process? Whaddaya think I am? Some sort of rich guy who lives in a mansion and drives a Tiger Lotus? I am not-ace, not ace.
ace: That's good enough for me!
not-ace: Well, you're da one dat wrote it.
ace: Idiot! How do you turn this recorder off? Argh!!!!


I think that puts this controversy to bed. Have a nice day everyone!

Go Go Gadget... Tiger Car!

How do you like the new ride? I've been reserving a spot in the mansion garage for the perfect vehicle, and now I've finally found it. I was going to add a big giant tiger tail on the back, but decided that would be a bit ostentatious.

Before you ask, though... No, you can't have a ride. It's a two-seater, and you know one of those seats belongs to Miss Kate. In fact, I will probably let her drive most of the time, as I think she'll be able to get us out of speeding tickets a lot better than I can.

Hope you're all enjoying the "2.0" version of my little corner of cyberspace. Life is starting to allow me more time to enjoy blogging, so you will probably be seeing a lot more of me here. All visitors and comments are welcome, and all I ask in return is you keep it respectful and fun!

I've been a little under the weather this last week, so I started reading "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice. I'm just finishing up the first book, and I have to say I can see why these books are so popular. Large, sweeping epics using the vampire as a sympathetic creature... I'm starting to understand why people develop a vampire fetish.

The other fun-ness I've been having lately is playing the "Midnight Madness" game in the Community Kink chat room every Tuesday. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! It's a blast and you can win some yummy prizes! Try to be there no later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time... Because at Midnight, the madness begins!

No One Cares What I Think, But...

I have debated for a long time about writing this post. I will try to keep this focused and brief, and I hope you will all take it at face value.

There is a great deal of diversity amongst us about what is appropriate and healthy when it comes to PSO's and BDSM practices. There is a camp of people who believe that PSO calls should only ever be thought of as a brief dalliance into fantasy. And then there are those who seek a deeper connection with their phone mistress, making it a very personal part of their life.

What's the answer? Is one the correct attitude and one a mistake? I don't think so. Just as ice cream comes in many different flavors to cater to many different tastes, so, too does phone sex. I am certainly not into all the same things that many of my online friends are, and I like things I know they don't as well.

I applaud those who are willing to share their journey with us. As I have stated previously on this blog and on other forums, information is the greatest path to understanding. That, as well as to chronicle of my journey, is why I started this blog to begin with. It takes a great deal of bravery, even when using a pen name, to share such a personal part of one's self with the world at large.

We live in a very turbulent world, I think I'm not presuming too much to say so. The reason for this, at least in part, is that we don't understand each other. When I read about heated disagreements in the blogs, it reminds me to feel more open about asking and answering questions to those who sincerely want to communicate about my views. So much of the disagreement that goes on in our community is caused by ignorance. ( I use ignorance here in it's purest form - a lack of understanding. There is NO derogatory meaning intended.)

Believe it or not, we are one community and are stronger together than we are apart. Those of you who know me know I am a big stickler for showing respect and class when dealing with others, whether they have earned it or not. I don't make public comments about in-fighting because I think it just adds fuel to the fire, and, frankly, it's usually none of my business in the first place. I also don't wish to cause additional controversy. I usually DO have an opinion, but you will be hard pressed to discover what that opinion is unless I trust you to understand my reasons. And if the situation warrants it, and my involvement can affect a positive change, I will get involved.

Thank you to all of you, clients, mistresses, and chatters alike who have made my time here so much fun. I have, with only one or two small exceptions, been treated with dignity and respect during my time among you. It is my fervent hope that others will receive the same friendship and support that you have shown me.

Ace :)

Open Letter to a Young Woman Whose Ex-Boyfriend Posted Their Sex Pictures on the Internet.

Dear Somebody's Ex-Girlfriend,

The first things I noticed were your big smile, your sparkling brown eyes gazing with love and playfulness at the camera, and the gooey stripes of fresh warm cum across your face. Mmm...

The next thing I noticed was the title of the picture: SlutExGFRevenge102.jpg. It was a deflating discovery. I was in the midst of an extended wank; a long, one-handed, internet porn-crawl; surfing a Usenet archive site. The wank was over for a while.

I'm fond of pictures with attractive amateurs, especially if they have at least a decent sense of lighting and composition. While there's a place for studio-tanned professionals and glossy hi-res porn, there's something special about actually sharing someone's authentic, exhibitionist sexuality. But what I most emphatically don't want to participate in, is someone's authentic betrayal and violation.

Masturbating to pornography is not a solo act, but an act involving various people: The exhibitionist talent, and the voyeur-wanker, to name only two. Under better circumstances, this is great; I love the idea that at least some of the men and women I look at are getting off on my voyeuristic gaze.

But when the sexually explicit pictures are made (or circulated) without someone's permission, that's a violation, a betrayal. And by viewing it, I am at least in danger of participating in that violation.

To you, the lovely young woman whose trust was violated by your angry ex-boyfriend, into whose sexual intimacy I looked without permission, here is what I wish to say:

First, and most importantly: I'm sorry.

I am sorry both that your trust was betrayed, that someone has hypocritically tried to make you feel bad about your sexuality. I'm an incorrigible voyeur, it's true, but a voyeur is not a peeper. I love to see what I am willingly shown, not to spy on what is private. I would not knowingly have invaded your privacy.

I also want you to know that you are lovely, respectable, sexy, healthy human being. There is no shame either in being a generous lover, or in having desires, or having a sexual body. If we were ever to meet, I would not feel the right to make any sexual remarks just because I've seen those pictures, nor to treat you with anything but respect. I would not think less of you as a potential date or partner, nor as a job applicant or student, nor as a relative. The shame is not yours. It all belongs to those who violated your trust. This means, mostly, your ex-boyfriend... and to a lesser extent people like me. For my part, as I have said, I am sorry.

I wish you to know how much better you come out of all this than your ex does. Even though we see little of him in the picture, he reveals himself to be cruel, selfish, hypocritical, stupid. He lacks respect, integrity and--perhaps most importantly--gratitude. He deserves to be alone, or with someone who refuses to share his fantasies, or express her own.

I hope that you can be philosophical about this... but what you choose to feel is of course not for me to decide. My hope is that if you are angry, that the anger is directed at the responsible parties, and not at yourself. I hope you can find some forgiveness for those of us who wronged you unintentionally. In all matters sexual, including masturbation and pornography, I love to be with people who are sexually open, full of desire and curiosity. I want a life full of people who are smart, funny, honest, curious, loving, healthy... and slutty. I love curious, open-minded men and women who have plenty desire and aren't ashamed of it. In other words, I suspect you are a great person.

However you choose to feel about this--amused, angry, or anything else--you have my apologies, my best wishes for a wonderful, safe life, with respectful friends and appreciative lovers.


The Mindful Wanker

Well, believe it or not, I'm still around and kicking. I've been really busy with work and the harsh realities of the real world, but things have calmed down considerably and I am enjoying getting more focused again with lovely Ms Kate.

We have been having an absolute blast at the weekly Tuesday night Midnight Madness chatroom sessions at Community Kink. Every week Ms Kate and Ms Grace present 10 questions about themselves and the chatter who answers the most questions (correctly) first wins a prize! The stars must have aligned last week, as I won! (Thanks in no small part to my good pal Marikiss, who let me copy her notes.) And the last part of the chat is always a reversal of the situation, with the ladies asking about the chatters. Fun stuff, I highly recommend you get there tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern Time so you don't miss out on the craziness!

Additionally, I got to have a really nice session with Ms Kate last week. It had been a couple of weeks since we had talked, and I can tell that it really helped me get my focus back to talk to her on the phone. We started exploring a new territory for me, which was mentally a little overwhelming at first, but incredibly nice feeling. I think I will leave it at that, other than to say that part of my homework this week was to buy a toy. It arrived yesterday, so who knows what the future brings. I have butterflies in my stomach, and in addition to my nearly two weeks of denial that is creating a very interesting sensation.

Anyway, glad to be back and blogging, hope you all are doing great, and hope to see everyone at the Midnight Madness chat! It's gonna rock!

Ace in Sugasm #67

Sugasm #67

Fri 23rd Feb, 07

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'Da Room

I just love the chatroom at LDW. I was thinking back today about all the great times I have had in the last few months there. It is the one place where I can go and hang with some cool cats who understand me, support me, and, usually, tease me. (Two kinds of teasing here... Both are best for ace if not overdone...)

I get an absolute rush when I log in to chat and find the Ms Kate is there zapping people with her electric fly swatter, causing mischief, and saving a seat for me next to her on the couch. I have a hard time not tripping over myself getting over there to her as fast as possible. (And last night she even shared her blanket with me and whispered my homework in my ear! Wooo wooo!)

Then there's the other mistresses that are so nice to me, and so much fun to hang around. It's a blast to get to know every one's individual personalities... Some aren't who you suspected at first. For example, I have discovered that Ms Sarah is an incredibly well read and intelligent blogger. Ms Tara has a thing for both thin mints and properly cooked shrimp. Ms Ava is a huge hockey fan. These are things you wouldn't normally know about your local Phone Fantasy Operator, but that's what makes the community at LDW so special.

Of course, there are other partners in crime who visit the chatrooms on a frequent basis. I won't start listing names, as the list would go on forever, but so often when I enter I am immediately greeted with phrases like, "Hey, Ace. Sorry, can't talk right now. I'm hanging over a giant vat of green paint and wearing a clown nose." What? What the hell did I just walk in to? I love it! So often I have to calm down because I burst out laughing within seconds of entering the chat. And, of course, since the antics have usually been going on for awhile, do you think I can get someone to explain what's going on? Fat chance! I just jump in and try to guess which of the opposing forces is going to be dishing out the smacks, and side with them.

There are a lot of great hosted chats there as well. I wish I was more available for them, as it's usually a good bet there will be many friends there. You can read more about them over at the chat website, but there are some great options for everyone, and more coming all the time. Even for the hosted chats I'm not able to attend, I have to give a big applause for those who host them... That extra time they give is such a gift, and it should be noted.

Lastly, a personal note. If you are new to the room, don't be afraid to say hello. If you are being genuine and kind, there are many of us who will welcome you and help you get acclimated. If you say hello and I don't answer, chances are I'm just not keeping up with the flow of the chat, so just try again. I don't intentionally ignore anyone. We are a big family. Occasionally we don't see eye to eye on something, there are lots of different varieties among our ranks, and everyone definitely has their favorite chatters. But there is room for all of us, so don't be afraid to jump right in. If you are respectful and sincere, you will find friends in 'Da Room.

Now, I gotta go find some beads for Ms Kate! Woo hoo! I love Mardi Gras!

It All Came Down to a Coin Flip....

Hi, everyone. Sorry I was sooooo weird and loopy yesterday, but thanks for your humor, teasing, and support.

I'm not sure what exactly led to my state yesterday, other than I have been working on a lot of things for Ms Kate, who is very near and dear to my heart, so I was thinking about her even more than usual. (If that's even possible. And it's not.) I do have to say, when she posts things like this on her blog, I sure have a hard time concentrating. I'm not saying she's to blame for my flustered condition, but... :) You know I luvs ya, Ms Kate. :)

Aaaanyway.... I got an IM from her last night, and it was apparent that she'd read my previous blog entry, in which I said I'd do anything for a chance to cum. Well, she had some smiles, told me that I could call her that night, and that she had something special planned. Of course, I knew then that this couldn't possibly bode well for ace, and I felt awful that I had even asked for such a thing so soon.

So I called, and she was sugary sweet as always, and she didn't say much about what she had planned, we just started in like it was a normal session. She worked me over good, I can tell you that much. I was to the point that I was feeling reaaaallly beggy and pleady, and that's when she reminded me about a post she wrote once when a guy said he'd "Do anything." Gulp. How did I forget about that one?

About this time, I start to get a bit worried. Worked up to a frenzy, yes, but worried. And that's when Miss Kate informed me that she had a quarter, and she was going to flip it and I had to choose heads or tails. Well, in honor of the picture on her blog that started me on this overly flustered path, I chose tails. She flipped the coin and said, "Hmmmmm...."

What? "Hmmmmmm?" What was it? What was it?

Sly Miss Kate had one last revelation for me... She was going to count to ten, and I had to stroke the whole time, and on the word "ten" she would either give me two seconds to cum, or tell me to take my hand away. I wasn't going to know which it was until I got to the very, very edge! That was torturous enough, but then she started counting, and I swear the numbers kept getting further and further apart! 1....2.........3....................4........................................5, etc. (This might have been in my head, but you can understand that, right?)

Finally she reached "ten," and announced that it was..... TAILS! I got a two second window and boy, did I ever jump right through it! My mind disappeared into subspace for a few moments and I relished the relief, then I was sure to give my mistress as many thank you's as I could muster out of my exhausted body.

I have decided to share this much detail with you all so you can understand what I mean when I tell you how beautiful and memorable a session can be with a mistress you truly connect to. There I was yesterday, knowing I had no right to be asking for an orgasm so soon, and Kate just took my hand and guided me. She taught me lessons in compassion, control, and self discovery.

If I had chosen incorrectly, I would still be frustrated right now, but at peace because I do truly value the importance of the goals we have set for me. Giving me a 50/50 chance was her way of saying, "This is still important, but you deserve a break from time to time." She knows my heart and soul are tender things, and she is always careful not to step on them while she guides me.

What an incredible way to kick of Valentine's Day. Thank you, My Lady.

P.S. And Happy Valentine's Day to all my dear friends here!

Desperate Times

I think I have been doing good under the thumb of my lovely mistress. We have been playing regularly for a few months now, had some really mind blowing calls. She is so connected to me that she knows instinctively when I should be getting some relief and when I should be holding back. I owe so much to her and her kind and caring treatment of me. We have such a blast when we talk, there are so many golden moments when we get to share a laugh, discuss where my training is going, talk about what we've just finished playing... It is not an exaggeration to say I consider my time with Kate to be the most valuable part of my week. I could not be happier.

Now, that being said, I must issue this proclamation to my beautiful, sexy, loving dominatrix...

Miss Kate.... I know it hasn't been that long, and I am not exactly sure why, but I am absolutely desperate to have an orgasm. I am counting the MINUTES until I can call you now. I am seeing you everywhere I go... At work, in my dreams, on TV... And it's all making it harder for me to hold back.

What I'm getting at is, even though I still trust you to decide when I cum, and it is probably not on our next call, I am going to tell you I will do anything you want to get to have an orgasm. Even now, long before we are to speak, I can feel the begging and pleading bubbling inside me.

What is it in the air that's making this time soooooooo much harder for me? I don't know, but I thought you might like the head's up... I'm in a desperate way.

Story: A Mystic Meeting

I'm a big fan of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" world. I guess I'm just attracted to powerful women. (Who'd have thunk it?) One of my favorite characters is Cordelia, played with scene-stealing zeal by the gorgeous Charisma Carpenter. (Pictured to your right.)

A few nights ago she was on an episode of another television fantasy show wearing this ensemble, and I melted. Not just because I think she's one of the most beautiful actresses out there and not just because the costume is so skimpy and sexy. I was thinking about what my beautiful Mistress Kate would look like wearing this very outfit during one of our very hot sessions. In fact, I believe I would use the word "yummy". So of course, being in orgasm denial as I usually am these days, my mind started wandering and I had a very enjoyable/frustrating dream that night.

So here is a story/script, inspired by and dedicated to my wonderful and beautiful princess. Leave it to her to jump start my blog back into life.

Mystic Meeting

Hello, there. Are you lost? I don't see many men roaming these woods after dark. You must not be from around here.

Why? Well, that's not important, honey. What's important is that you're here now. Why don't you come closer so I can see you better. Come on, now. Don't be shy.

Mmmmm... That's much better. When I talk to a man, I like to be able to look deep into his eyes, just like this. I don't know if it's the chilly night air or the full moon glowing above us, but I just get chills standing here, close to you. So close that I can feel the heat of your body, your scent, your aura.

Do you like it when I run my hands across your chest... ? Your strong arms...? What if I put my hands on your waist and pulls you close to me like this? Mmmmm... That feels really good, doesn't it? Yeah, I agree. Don't you just love feeling my breasts push up against you, my hot breath on your collarbone, my hands reaching around and grabbing your ass.... Keep looking deep into my eyes..

Mmmmm... Standing here this close to you, I can feel you getting hard. Do you find me attractive? Desirable? Look deep into my eyes and tell me.

That's a good boy. I like that. I'm getting so hot, you are such a sexy, powerful looking man. Mmmmm. Why don't you take that shirt off. Keep looking into my eyes, but let me see that bare chest. Nice, very nice. Now the pants. That's right, I said take off those pants. Oh, I can see that cock bulging to get out through your boxers. I bet you would love to take it out, wouldn't you? Look into my eyes and ask to...

*giggle* Well, since you asked so nicely, I think you should. Take of your boxers and let me see that cock. Very, very nice. Look at him, he's all angry and hard. Look at it bob up and down. No, no... Don't you touch it. Just put your hands to your sides and look in my eyes, and let me enjoy it.

Do you like it when I rub the head lightly, like this? If I twist it nice and slow and light, just like this, I think I can get you even harder than you already were. Feel the blood rushing into your penis, making it stiff, and tight, and hard... Feel my fingers rub lightly under the head, tickling that most sensitive of spots. *giggles* Look at that cock bounce every time I tickle under the head... You must like that alot. I'll have to remember that.

I looove to grab cocks with my whole hand like this, and stroke soooo slowly dooooown all the way to the bottom of your shaft, then uuuup until I almost get to the head, then dooooown and uuuuuup and dooooown and uuuuuuup and doooooooooooown and up...

What's that? You want me to stroke all the way over the head? Oooooh, my poor baby... You want me to do that because it makes you spurt, and I'm not done playing with you yet. You just keep looking into my eyes while I keep stroking the base dooooooown and uuuuuuuuup and dooooooooown and uuuuuuuuup and down and up and down and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.

*giggles* Sweetie, why are you grunting? Is it feeling too good? Does it help if I reach down like this with my other hand and massage your balls? Oooh, that just makes you groan more, doesn't it? This is torture for you isn't it? Just hang in there a little longer, baby. I'm going to start stroking over the head now, a bit firmer and faster, but I don't want you to cum yet, okay? Look into my eyes and promise me you won't cum unless I say so, okay?

Do it! Say it!

Good boy. Now, let's get that cock worked up really nice. Here I go, up and down, and up with a twist and down, and up and down... Stroking... Pushing you closer to that sweet release... Stop moving your hips baby, just let me do the work. Keep your hands at your sides... Stroking.... Stroking.... Keep looking into my eyes... Relax, let your world just fade away until there's nothing left but my eyes and the sensations I'm giving your penis.... Stroking faster and faster, harder, pumping you niiice and hard....

Oooh, what's that? You need to cum? Are you sure? Can't you just hold out a little longer while I pump and stroke and work your cock? Don't you think you could keep that cummies inside for my while I massage your balls and stare into your eyes and beat that cock just a few more minutes? Look into my eyes... Feel me bringing you to the brink... Everything else is fading away... Focus on your feelings... Do you need to cum, honey? Are you about to lose it?

Mmmmm... Such sweet begging, I love it. I think I've got you worked up quite enough, now. So here's the deal... I'm going to keep stroking you hard and fast like this, and when you are on the very, very brink of cumming, I want you to look deep into my eyes and tell me I own your cock. Got that? If you want to cum, if you don't want me to stop stroking, just say "You own my cock!" Got it? Good boy.

You ready? You need to cum? Say it, then! Look into my eyes and say it!

Mmmmmm... Good boy. But I'm sorry, I'm afraid it just doesn't work that way. You're not going to cum tonight. In fact, it is going to be a very long time before you do. You see, I'm not your average girl. I'm a forest spirit, and in order to keep my beautiful, youthful appearance I have to steal one year of orgasms from an unsuspecting man. I know, I know, it's not fair... I... Oh, what's that? Oh, sorry, I forgot to stop pumping you. I bet you're going insane from the stimulation, not being able to cum and all. *giggle*

Well, anyway, in order for me to steal one year of orgasms, the man must relinquish ownership of his cock to me. And, since I also have a few hypnotic powers of my own, I'm usually able to persuade some unlucky soul to say what I need him to. Just as I did to you tonight.

I will disappear now until one year from tonight. Then, if you come back to this same spot, and if I should happen to find a new victim, I will lift the curse and let you return to your normal life. If not, though, it'll be one more year until you get another chance.

And while you are under my spell, you'll be able to get hard, get excited, get full, heavy balls and a red, angry erection whenever the mood hits. But you won't be able to orgasm... Absolutely no release, no relief... *giggle* no cummies.

See you in one year, honey.