My Last Kate Call of the Year

After some rough scheduling problems on my side, and the fact that my beautiful mistress is always getting deluged with calls right when I'm ready to call her, I finally got through on Friday. I was so excited to call her because her birthday was coming up, and I wanted to be able to sing her happy birthday! (No one else may request this service, I am no singer!)

Back in the old days (November) we were doing a call about every week or so, but due to some limitations of time and travelling, it seems like we've got into a two week pattern now, and I haven't been enjoying that at all. Hopefully that will all be working out now, though.

One of the most exciting things Kate has given me to do for homework is to build up my toy collection, a little at a time. I didn't realize how difficult that would be for me until I started finding myself in the adult toy store every other week trying to pick out something that I would like to try out. I'm still a little nervous and shy about some things, after all. Fortunately, Kate's had enough great suggestions that I haven't had too much problem finding something fun. So, at the beginning of our call, we tried out a few of my more recent purchases. Some are just fun, some are... um... a little more nerve-wakening... but it's always a great way to start things off.

And, of course, since I'm in orgasm denial and control training, she always asks the dreaded questions. "Did you do your homework this week?" (Always yes on that one.) And "When was the last time you had an orgasm?" (That's the one that starts getting me nervous, because I never know what my answer will mean for my fate.) I'm sure she can hear the poutiness in my voice when my answer is in the single digits, because I know I'm not likely to get release on this call if that's my answer.

Well, my Lady starts my workout then, and sometimes, if I'm really lucky, she'll take me into a fantasy story so I can enjoy the sensations even more. This was one of those times. And when this happens, I snuggle back on my couch, close my eyes, and really try to see what she's describing. You can go reeeeeeally deep into things if you do this, and the payoff is amazing.

In my fantasy she was guiding me, right there above me, telling me how to stroke and getting great amusement out of my groans and moans and pleadings. It drives me wild when I ask if I can cum, and her answer is neither yes or no, just to keep stroking. She knows me... She knows I will keep stroking on the off chance that she'll say I have five seconds to cum, or some other such delicious torture. This means I am playing close to the edge, often for the majority of the call.

She did something that nearly made me lose it this time... Something I'll only share with her when I have the chance, but, sorry, not for any other eyes or ears. Let's just leave it at this...

Miss Kate, I will never be able to look at my Christmas tree the same way again, you kinky little devil!

Ace is going to enter the new year in denial. Somehow, it seems fitting.

Happy New Year everyone!