Ten Minutes Isn't So Bad!.......

A few days ago I was so lucky to get some time on the phone with Ms Kate. It had been a few days since our last session, and she'd been fairly lenient on me. (There were some good reasons for this, and I appreciate her sympathy.)

In what is starting to become a trend in my training, Kate gave me a list of items to bring to our session. A list that didn't make any sense to me. I went to my quiet place, got all comfy in my normal call attire (birthday suit) and dialed. Ms Ally, always a pleasure to talk to, said Kate was on a call and I asked for a call back. I relaxed on my couch and tried to breathe, closed my eyes and waited for the call.

At some point, I feel into some sort of stoker hibernation, and the next thing I knew it was an hour later, I was lying there naked, and still no call. I called Ms Ally back to see if there was a problem, and there was. Apparently the computer glitched and lost my call back number. We all had a good laugh and she connected me to Ms Kate.

Well, I soon found out what my items were for, and Ms Kate, knowing that I needed to keep improving my skills, surprised me with a kind of call we had never done before. Whew! I'm not going share what she did to me, but I will tell you that I was as close to losing it on this call as I was on my first call. It was absolutely and utterly amazing!!! It was such a personal and customized thing for me, just pushed every button I'd exposed, and a few I hadn't yet. Oh, man... I think about it every time I close my eyes... The words echo through my ears all day long. You can not even imagine the place it takes me. *shivers*

What Kate is uncovering about me is that I am actually capable of taking some chances, of trying new things. She doesn't push me harder than she thinks I can handle, but she makes sure that each push moves me forward in my journey. She's showing me that I can be uninhibited and confident, and still allow someone else I trust to be at the wheel. These are all fairly new feelings for me, and it's a lot to process. I have never really let my hair down, so to speak, and I think I found the perfect person to correct that problem.

In addition to an incredible session, my homework has been kicked up a notch. I have to do something that feels very good for ten minutes every night. A new, very naughty method to get to the edge. Ten minutes isn't that long is it?

Wrong. I start out fine, can pace myself. Feel very confident, very capable. Eventually, after a long time, it starts to get difficult. Then, very quickly, it is nearly impossible to hold back. I look at the clock... Only five minutes down.

What? I'm only half way there? I have to keep going?

So I continue slow... Pumping, squeezing, breathing... Pacing myself, barely moving, determined not to break the rules but convinced I won't be able to make it. Four more minutes of thrusting and twitching and throbbing. Time slows down, it nearly stops....

Three more minutes of leaking, clenching, squirming, feeling the fluid building... My nerves tingling, the world closing in on me, the blood thumping through my torso... I think time reverses now... I grit my teeth, suppress a moan, slow down even more, pace myself... and finally...

Two more minutes.... The pressure ebbs a little, I start to think I can make it... My confidence starts to return....

One minute... And suddenly the primal force begging to be released is there... I can't make it! I'm going to lose it... There's no way to go slower, I am barely moving already.... Thirty seconds... A groan escapes my lips... My breath is so shallow... Even trying to stop pumping my hips doesn't work.... I look at the clock....

...and I've made it.

Whew... I'm fine now.

Until tomorrow.


P.S. What an adventure! Thank you, Kate! You are the best!