The Latest Report, Part One

Well, after two very long weeks for this whiny little stroker, I got to have a nice call with Miss Kate this week. It was one of the most exciting calls I've ever done. Kate has been working on my endurance and pushing my limits, and lately that has meant incorporating some fun new props. (Wouldn't you like to know...) I have to say, though... The rush I got from buying my new toys was almost as much fun as trying them out. Almost. :)

As I said, it's had been two weeks of particularly, um... tortuously pleasurable homework, and I have been looking forward to this call like some men look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. Kate knew this, but of course this didn't stop her from putting me through my paces. She was very coy about whether or not I was going to get to cum, which, I will admit, was an incredibly hot thing for me. (Shhh! Don't tell!)

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