The Latest Report, Part One

Well, after two very long weeks for this whiny little stroker, I got to have a nice call with Miss Kate this week. It was one of the most exciting calls I've ever done. Kate has been working on my endurance and pushing my limits, and lately that has meant incorporating some fun new props. (Wouldn't you like to know...) I have to say, though... The rush I got from buying my new toys was almost as much fun as trying them out. Almost. :)

As I said, it's had been two weeks of particularly, um... tortuously pleasurable homework, and I have been looking forward to this call like some men look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. Kate knew this, but of course this didn't stop her from putting me through my paces. She was very coy about whether or not I was going to get to cum, which, I will admit, was an incredibly hot thing for me. (Shhh! Don't tell!)

If you want to read Part Two, click on over to my Kate Shrine!

Happy THOUGHTS-giving!!!

This is a somewhat unusual post for me, dear readers, but it is something that has been weighing on my mind this week. I've been thinking a lot about how my year has been, the journey that my life has walked on a personal, emotional, and professional level. I have dealt with a few situations this year that have not been fun, have had to really start analyzing and re-evaluating my life.

As hard as that has been, I have something new in my life that I am so thankful for. Ms. Ally and her LDW group... Specifically, Ms Kate. But much more than an honorable mention to all the kids who are so nice to me in the chatroom, who make me feel at home, broaden my horizons and accept me without condition. I wish I had some better way of conveying how that ever strengthening bond has made me feel.

I'm away from the gang right now, off to see my family in another state for Turkey Time. I missed my chance to do a "farewell call" by about a day, darn it all... I am bummed about that, but I feel a little bit like a brat because I got to call twice already in the last week... An unusual amount for me. It's going to be well into next week before opportunity knocks again... I'm excited and trying my best to be patient.

In the meantime, I am very thankful to be with my family for the holiday, I know there are so many e-friends of mine out there that don't get to have that.. I wish I could invite you all over, you would always be welcome at my house, but you have to bring some pies. We are running short on pies this year.

I am thankful for Ms Kate for her guidance and compassion. I am thankful to my fellow chatters and bloggers for their support and humor, and I am thankful for all the experiences that have lead me to where I am now. The road forward still seems bumpy and I can't see the end of it. This whole new situation has given me many, many things to think about. But I'm proud of the progress I've made in each aspect of my life, and I know it wasn't something I did alone.

So, it is with a weepy, happy, too emotional heart that I wish you all A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


One last thing... If you haven't checked out Ms Kate's Shrine, please do me a solid and get yer tail over there now. Leave a comment or two, suggest a post topic, link it to your blog. You'll help me out a ton, and Ms Ally won't have to smack me.

Marathon Rocked the House!!!!

So Saturday's marathon over at was incredible. Everyone, including the wonderfully gorgeous Ms Kate, was doing some sort of nice customer appreciation deal for us. In addition, they were working their keisters off doing extra hours so we could all get a chance to call.

Of course, I couldn't really sleep all night knowing I was going to call Kate in the early hours of the morning. I finally got up, made sure she was available, and called. It was still dark outside. We had a wonderful session, tried some brand new toys out, and once again expanded my boundaries. We have been doing this for awhile now, and it was obvious to both Kate and myself that my stamina is improving, even if it's only a little bit. She was very sweet to mention it, and it made me feel good about how committed I've tried to be to this process.

She pushed me further than ever, and it took all of my strength, but I didn't have an orgasm. I'm still kicking myself for calling earlier in the week... I should have waited and maybe I could have persuaded her more to let me cum, but I knew that a mere three days of denial was not going to work in my favor. That being said, I am surprised, with all the new sensations that were added to this session, that I didn't lose it. By Saturday night my stomach and groin muscles were aching, so I guess I was really straining this time.

By the time the call was over, it was light outside, and that set my tone for the day. Even feeling as frustrated and denied as I was, I had a ball calling Kate, and the euphoria of the whole experience kept me moving all day. I even went for a great hour walk and enjoyed the crisp autumn morning.

Later in the day, I checked back in to the chatroom to discover that Kate and the very funny and charming Ms Jade had, er, grown and were now Giantess Kate and GiantJugs Jade. Joining them on Giantess Island, I was soon secured in the cleavage of Giantess Kate. I don't think I need to tell you how much fun THAT was. By the time we all left Giantess Island, everyone was in tears from laughing.

To all those who called and participated in the marathon, thank you. Huge Thank You to Ms Alley for hosting it. Thanks to Jade for the hilarity. There are others of you out there, and you know who you are, Mistresses and clients alike, who are so nice and friendly to me. I thank you as well, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

Most importantly a very special Thank You to Kate for always taking my personal interests and needs to heart, for encouraging me to reach my goals, and for being such a caring and fun presence in my journey. In two months, you have expanded my mind, made me reassess my goals, helped me see the confident person I want to be, and generally been a great human being! You know how much that's meant to me.

So, kids, where shall I go from here? Do you know? Do I know?

The real question is, does it matter? Personally, I'm just happy to be along for the ride.

An Unexpected Surprise and Call to Action

Due to some very happy but unforeseen circumstances, I was able to have a special call with Lady Kate yesterday. Being on a somewhat strict training regimen usually means I pace out my calls a little further than this, but opportunity knocked, I was feeling the vibe, and Kate was available. The specifics of what happened during the call are between Kate and I, but once again (and I don't know why this surprises me still) she pushed me through a boundary that I didn't think I could get past.

What you don't know but may suspect about me is that, by and large, I am very new and nervous to this whole phone mistress/orgasm control thing. Additionally, even though I have been very, very curious about sensual domination, I have never had a chance to practice it in my personal life. Basically, this entire experience is uncharted territory for me, and it is going so wonderfully well because I have a guide I trust in Kate.

However, with all that, I am still nervous every time a boundary is explored. There are things that are really exciting for me to fantasize about, and recently I have even been getting some things ready to play out these fantasies... But I am incredibly nervous, as usual. I'm not doubting, I'm not having second thoughts. I think in some ways the feeling of nervousness is like going up the first hill on a roller coaster... Adrenaline rushing through your system as you prepare for something thrilling. That all disappears when I hear her voice though. It calms me, centers me, and the rest of the world drifts into the darkness.

Kate is very patient with me, and at the same time is teaching me to be braver, live life more fully, and uncage that part of me that I've been keeping under wraps for so long. She somehow knows that, okay, Ace is ready to go just a little further. It's uncanny.

This pic is a hint at the boundary we pushed on the last call. And no, it did not involve me wearing panties or being feminized, that's not my thing. (To each his own.) In fact, I didn't even think about this particular activity even existing until it came up on our call. But, pro that she is, Kate guided me through it expertly. And I know that it's going to be like this for a long time... I'm not going to be able to guess what each call will hold, what I will be told to do next. I'm going to have to just keep my guard down and be prepared for anything. It's fantastic fun.

Aaaaaaanyway... If you read my blog and are thinking of going on a little phone adventure of your own, this Saturday is the perfect time to do so. Lady Kate is going to be part of's latest MARATHON DAY! 24 Hours of availability, from Friday at midnight to Saturday at midnight. And I know the lovely Kate has some special surprises planned for those who call her.


This is a perfect chance for any of you that are scared like I was, or haven't yet had a chance to spend some quality time with Miss Kate. Go to her profile here to learn more or to ask her some questions before your session, or call her at 1-800-356-6169. If your particular kink meter does not match mine, no worries. She is quite diverse and wonderful, and that southern voice of hers will melt you immediately.

If you enjoy my stories, my blog, just remember that it's inspired by Kate. I know I plan to give back. You should, too!

See you Saturday!

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What Would You Do to Me?

What would you do to me
If I sat down next to you
Just a little too close
To be proper?

What would you do to me
If I put my hand on your leg
And moved it just a little
Up your thigh?

What would you do to me
If I walked up behind you
And nibbled on your neck
Kissed just below your jaw?

What would you do to me
If I grabbed your waist
And pulled you into me
For a deep, long kiss?

What would you do to me
If I put my hand on your stomach
And snaked it under your shirt
And up your body?

What would you do to me
If I tugged at your skirt
And pleaded to feel
Our flesh touch together?

What would you do to me
As our bodies entwined
And my hips won't stop bucking
And I beg for release?

What would you do to me
If I whispered in your ear
All my secrets, my needs
And gave you control?

What would you do to me?

Ten Minutes Isn't So Bad!.......

A few days ago I was so lucky to get some time on the phone with Ms Kate. It had been a few days since our last session, and she'd been fairly lenient on me. (There were some good reasons for this, and I appreciate her sympathy.)

In what is starting to become a trend in my training, Kate gave me a list of items to bring to our session. A list that didn't make any sense to me. I went to my quiet place, got all comfy in my normal call attire (birthday suit) and dialed. Ms Ally, always a pleasure to talk to, said Kate was on a call and I asked for a call back. I relaxed on my couch and tried to breathe, closed my eyes and waited for the call.

At some point, I feel into some sort of stoker hibernation, and the next thing I knew it was an hour later, I was lying there naked, and still no call. I called Ms Ally back to see if there was a problem, and there was. Apparently the computer glitched and lost my call back number. We all had a good laugh and she connected me to Ms Kate.

Well, I soon found out what my items were for, and Ms Kate, knowing that I needed to keep improving my skills, surprised me with a kind of call we had never done before. Whew! I'm not going share what she did to me, but I will tell you that I was as close to losing it on this call as I was on my first call. It was absolutely and utterly amazing!!! It was such a personal and customized thing for me, just pushed every button I'd exposed, and a few I hadn't yet. Oh, man... I think about it every time I close my eyes... The words echo through my ears all day long. You can not even imagine the place it takes me. *shivers*

What Kate is uncovering about me is that I am actually capable of taking some chances, of trying new things. She doesn't push me harder than she thinks I can handle, but she makes sure that each push moves me forward in my journey. She's showing me that I can be uninhibited and confident, and still allow someone else I trust to be at the wheel. These are all fairly new feelings for me, and it's a lot to process. I have never really let my hair down, so to speak, and I think I found the perfect person to correct that problem.

In addition to an incredible session, my homework has been kicked up a notch. I have to do something that feels very good for ten minutes every night. A new, very naughty method to get to the edge. Ten minutes isn't that long is it?

Wrong. I start out fine, can pace myself. Feel very confident, very capable. Eventually, after a long time, it starts to get difficult. Then, very quickly, it is nearly impossible to hold back. I look at the clock... Only five minutes down.

What? I'm only half way there? I have to keep going?

So I continue slow... Pumping, squeezing, breathing... Pacing myself, barely moving, determined not to break the rules but convinced I won't be able to make it. Four more minutes of thrusting and twitching and throbbing. Time slows down, it nearly stops....

Three more minutes of leaking, clenching, squirming, feeling the fluid building... My nerves tingling, the world closing in on me, the blood thumping through my torso... I think time reverses now... I grit my teeth, suppress a moan, slow down even more, pace myself... and finally...

Two more minutes.... The pressure ebbs a little, I start to think I can make it... My confidence starts to return....

One minute... And suddenly the primal force begging to be released is there... I can't make it! I'm going to lose it... There's no way to go slower, I am barely moving already.... Thirty seconds... A groan escapes my lips... My breath is so shallow... Even trying to stop pumping my hips doesn't work.... I look at the clock....

...and I've made it.

Whew... I'm fine now.

Until tomorrow.


P.S. What an adventure! Thank you, Kate! You are the best!