Day 8 - Will She or Won't She

Well, the day finally came for me to call Ms. Kate again. I could think of nothing else the entire day, though I had so much to do! She IM'd me to tell me what I needed to bring for the session, and made sure I was still doing my homework.

I called the main line and a beautiful voice told me Kate was not available yet. (I found out later it was Ally, who is all sorts of nice.) She had Kate call me when she was ready. I answered the phone, she gave me some sweet and sexy hellos, told me I was doing good, and we began.

I won't go into the specifics of the session too much. It was very special and overwhelming for me and I want to keep that between myself and Kate. Basically, she knew I was DYING to have an orgasm and that I was incredibly aroused, so she had me do some things to keep myself from cumming. She reminded me that I didn't get to choose this time... She got to choose if I was going to get to cum or not.

Kate guided me expertly through a mind-blowing session, guiding me to do the things that she knew would turn me on and make it harder for me to hold back. When she needed to, she coached me down off the peak, making me wait, teaching me to control myself.

My skin was electrified, my body was more in tune with the sensations it was experiencing than ever before. I closed my eyes, blocked out the entire world, and just focused on her voice. I was completely in her hands. As far as I was concerned, my hands were her hands... She was right there, whispering in my ear...

Then, she said that since I'd been so good, she'd decided to let me cum. But only if I could do it when she said "10". I was made to stroke faster, harder, really work towards an orgasm. She counted tortuously slow, helping me stay with her as she kept counting... Made me stroke really fast on eight... nine... and ten....

And then all of the last week was released. All the doubt, the frustration, the anxiety... It was all gone and in it's place was a gentle glow. I think that's all I'll share about that.

Afterwords, it took me ten minutes to want to move again, and even by this morning I was feeling euphoric and happy. What an incredible experience. And I don't have any plans to give up on it now.

Part of the reason I'm keeping this blog is to express myself to others who may be going through the same things. I also need a way to chronicle what I'm going through, what I am discovering about myself. I hope you understand why I choose not to give the specifics about something that was very meaningful to me. I think it cheapens it. I worry about what I'm saying already.

Thank you to all those who are holding my hand during this journey. This is the beginning.