Day 7

I was so sensitive and aching yesterday. I have not been able to stop thinking about my upcoming call session with Ms. Kate. My balls, starting to get sore now, are hanging lower and fuller than usual, and the head of my cock is very, very sensitive to stimulation. I was a wreck. Then, Kate IM'd me that night and told me she wouldn't be available. I didn't want somebody else training me right now, so I told her I could wait. She was very sweet, and told me to continue with my "homework."

Edging was really difficult last night. I laid down on my bed, so my cock was pointing straight up, and let the lube drizzle from the top of the head down to the base. I didn't move for a moment, just enjoyed the sensation of the the trickling liquid. Then, I began fondling the head, rubbing my fingers around it in a circular motion. I grabbed the base lightly and stroked up and down very, very slowly. It only took about five strokes for me to begin worrying that I wasn't going to make it, so I stopped for a minute. Then I began to rub only the underside of the head, which felt really good. I expanded the area to the whole underside of the cock, then the top side, then just the top of the head. I wrapped my fist around the head and bucked my hips up into my fist. Six strokes, and I was at the edge.... Hold it... Hold it... breath.... breath..... breath...............

And relax. That was one.

I squeezed the head over and over again, like a pulse, until just the squeezing was too stimulating. I rubbed up and down just the sides of my cock. I fondled my balls for a minute, then rubbed circles around just below the head. That was it.... On the edge again... Tensing muscles, cum building to the surface, wanting to get out, pushing, bubbling.... Hold it... Don't cum, don't cum, don't cum...... Start to relax... still pulsing... don't move, don't breath..... Squeeeeeeeze the muscles......

And relax. That was two.

I lay there for a moment thinking about how far I've come in the last week. How I've discovered a submissive side of myself that I really like. How I've been brave enough to give someone control of my pleasure. How I now find myself wondering every day what my next challenge or task will be.

Tired, relieved, frustrated, and aroused, I went to bed.