Day 6: 99% Isn't Close to 100%

So, yesterday was probably my hardest day ever. I think it's because I was replaying the call in my mind in addition to the fact that I wasn't allowed to have an orgasm. Lady Kate checked in on me a couple of times to make sure I was okay, and reminded me that, even though it's really difficult for me right now, the rewards with be with it. She's such a sweetie. :)

Anyway, the only big mistake I made yesterday was surfing on over to Cock Control during Princess Grace's "Tease Time" chat. I thought it was going to be her and others discussing the teasing process, but instead she wove a fantasy for the chat members to stroke to. Yikes! Fortunately, she saw me there, had read my blog, and reminded me to be a good boy. (As if she needed to remind me...) Miss Kate showed up a bit later and we had a fun chat for awhile, then she said she had to go and told me to do my homework.

I was a wreck, having a hard time thinking of anything but having an orgasm. My penis has never been so hard so often in a single day as it was yesterday, and I just had to resist touching it as much as possible. I was able to get to the edge once very quickly, but I got soooo close to losing it that I had to really concentrate. I took some deep breaths and tried to get to my second edge, but every time I touched my cock, I start to buck. I had to wait a good five minutes to try again, and even then I had to use a massive amount of lube and the lightest, most torturous stroking to control myself.

I was amazed at my own penis. I have never had so much pre-come drizzle out in my life! My cock was so hard that the skin was stretched almost completely to capacity, and I could feel it. The girth of it was noticeably wider than usual, and noticeably more solid. The head was swollen and getting to be a very dark shade of red.

Finally, I got to the edge again. I stopped, took my hand away so I could calm down when I realized the edge wasn't wearing off like before. It just hung there, I couldn't move or I would have lost it. My hands were clenched in fists. I finally had the presence of mind to pull down on my balls just a little, and it finally went away.

What I learned today is that 99% of an orgasm is NOT close to 100%. It's soooo not the same thing. That last 1% is where all the release comes, where all of the tension goes away. Stopping just before I get there makes my entire body shiver and pulse. My stomach aches and my balls feel sore. My head throbs and my vision gets blurry. I don't think clearly anymore. I almost called Kate to beg her permission to cum, but I really am trying hard to please her right now.

And I have to do it all over again tonight.