Day 4 Update: I've Been Given a Choice

So, last night, after I posted my daily update, Ms. Kate IM'ed me to let me know she liked my blog. We talked a bit about our upcoming session, and then she asked me the question that had me reeling.

She told me I had to choose one of three things. My choices were:

1. I decide that I get to cum during our session.
2. I decide that I don't get to cum during our session.
3. I let her decide whether or not I get to cum.

I was a wreck when she said this... Then she added that she would ask me once at the beginning of the call what my choice was. After that, there would be no changing my mind. I would have to live with the decision. Wow.

She told me not to decide now, but to think about it all day and decide when I called her. As you can imagine, I didn't sleep well last night.

What would you do?