Day 3

Day 3... It's now after midnight, so I'm well into Day 4. I'm getting prepared to try to call Cock Control on Wednesday night. The combination of thinking about that and finding pics like these to fantasize about meant that once again I ended the day as a failure.

One of my fantasies is that I'm on a boat for a week with my mistress, and she's keeping me naked, hard and frustrated the entire time. Out here on the ocean, I have no choice but to allow her to train me to be the perfect little cock controlled slave. She rubs up against me, fondles me mercilessly, and teases me with hot, erotic stories the entire time.

Just in case I might try to take matters into my own hands, my arms are bound behind my back all day. And at night, I'm tied spread eagle on the deck, with nothing to do but let my engorged cock pulse in the night air. She's promised me that, if I can last the whole week without begging to cum, she'll reward me with an orgasm I'll never forget. But if I do beg before the week is through, I won't get to cum for another month.

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for her choice of attire...