Day 1

I started off yesterday in my usual way, surfing for images to get hard and worked up to. As usual, my starting point was Babes@theGoose, which currently has links to these pictures of Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon, which have caused me to loose control more than a few times. What gets me going about them is two things... She's a gorgeous woman, I could just stop there. But what really gets me going is fantasizing that she's controlling my cock, teasing me, bending me to her whims.

So, I was trying to not lose it to these pics, trying desperately, as usual, to last longer and enjoy the sensations without going for the quick release. I'm never successful at this, as I get too worked up and impatient, and yesterday was no exception. I finished quickly, and spent the rest of the morning frustrated with myself.

Later in the afternoon, I started feeling the urge again. This time, however, I decided to surf over to a site I've been lurking around on lately, Cock Control. I was looking at the profiles, and those of Ms. Kate, Ms. Grace, and Ms. Jade stood out to me. I've been wondering for a while now if I might be served by getting some outside help to correct my habits. It happened that all three women were online right then, so I joined the chat forum and nervously started talking.

Well, all the mistresses were kind to me, and Kate and Grace even worked me into a lather with the idea of doing a two mistress call with them. They were both called away to actual paying clients, so I took the opportunity to write an email to Kate. I explained to her my weaknesses and needs, and a little about my fantasies. Later that evening, she IM'ed me and told me she could definitely help, so we chatted for a bit about that. I really appreciated the extra time she took with me, even though she wasn't getting a single dime from me at the time. Hopefully I can make that up to her with lots of calls in the future... :)

Anyway, I wasn't able to do a call last night because other people weren't going to allow me the privacy to do it right. I'm hoping to do a half hour call on Wednesday, I think I can get away then. I'm feeling nervous and excited about this prospect, and I think the best sign that this will work is that last night I made the choice not to have another orgasm, even though I was hard as steel from talking to the mistresses. Even now, I'm still worked into a lather and not sure I'm going to make it the rest of the day. I do know that I want to be good, especially in leading up to this first call.

Thanks to Kate and Grace and Ally, the head mistress, who all made me feel comfortable and welcome. If anyone has advice, comments, or links, please don't be shy. I need all the help I can get!