I want a great big cock.

I know an awful lot has been written about men and their penis-size anxieties, but I think I actually have something original and valuable to say.

Whenever the subject comes up in the presence of women, they protest reassuringly that it doesn't matter. Putting it in such implausibly absolute terms is probably counterproductive, but it is well-intentioned and in some sense true. The short version of the answer to the eternal question, "How much does penis size matter to a woman's sexual pleasure?" is probably this: "More than women admit, but less than men fear."

My point is this: Even though I believe that my partner is completely satisfied by my penis, I want a big cock anyway. And probably so do you. Why do I want a big cock? Just for me. Just because I do. To look at when I stroke it, for example. To feel it, hot and thick in my hands.

I don't know what it is--shame about masturbation? homophobia?-- that makes us men feel like we need to justify our desires for a huge cock in terms of a woman's pleasure. But we do. I'd like to invite us all to give ourselves permission to want to have huge, porn star cocks, just for our own entertainment. To stroke alone or together, to rub against our lovers' faces... whatever.

Notice the recent flood of spams for pills to make ejaculations more voluminous. I don't think many straight men, no matter how uptight about their bodies, really imagine that their lovers care how much semen they can shoot. But judging by the number of ads, lots of men want to cum a lot. I know I do; if I thought the pills worked and were safe, I might get some myself. (Although I would never, ever, ever, EVER respond to spam.)

I hereby give myself permission, and give you permission, and invite you to give yourselves permission, to fantasize about having a huge, hard, glistening cock that cums like coke and mentos, only hotter and more viscous. If our lovers get pleasure from that too, wonderful. But I just want a big cock.